Happiness is an emotion of joy and prosperity. It’s a natural satisfaction of the mind no matter the situation find itself in. In fact the biggest logic to happiness is realizing the reality that you are blessed appreciating whatever you have no matter the less.


Stay pleased

There is a problem everywhere and every day. You should be already aware that no matter what you do people will still find something wrong to say about it. So why not remain positive and smile at the world. There is a big secret behind happiness because it gives you health and a very powerful mindset. If you choose to be happy your problem and nothing can stop you.

Count Your Blessings

You should always forget about the past and meditate on your blessing. At least I’m still alive. I have strength, a good relationship, I’m making it, and so on. If you continue to meditate on the positive part of your life you will see wonders.

Meditate on God

Meditation is looking unto and visualizing. You should meditate and the almighty instead of your problems. Focus on your prayers and have faith that they are all answered. You are always seeing God in your mind and perceiving him in your spirit.

See Blessings Everywhere

Develop a life of appreciation. Appreciate everything and even the bad things. You should always try to see something positive in any mistakes and move on in life. Develop the eyes that see opportunity in any situation and live a life of progress.

Whys is Emotional Intelligence Important 

Be grateful

You thank the almighty for waking you every day instead of complaining. You continue to appreciate the life you live with positivity and all this multiplies your blessings. You are grateful in any situation you find yourself in which will provide you all the other resources you are looking for.

Eat well

It’s in is not just about food. It’s all about been comfortable with whatever you put in. This is not only in your mouth but your spirit likewise. The realities is that we usually feed the belly with wonderful and enjoyable foods but forget that the mind also needs good food. There’s no doubt that you’ll always feel what you eat and eat what you feel so be careful whatever you put in your mind, mouth or thought, put it well to save your excitement.

Be kind to yourself

In other words, love yourself. fight for your own achievement no matter what it takes. Take responsibility for whatever happen to you. Since success is part of happiness, it should be considerable to add achievement to your life.


Sleep well

Having a good night sleep will help you get into more comfortable daily experience, and help you in grabbing your daily opportunities faster. It will help you handle tasks with strength and keep you from unusual stresses. To get a little bit further, slipping can also protect you from some dangerous sicknesses like cancer, headache, visual diseases, and…

Dismiss useless thought

What did your Boss told you today? He said you don’t know anything, You are stupid, foolish and all sorts of disrespects. They insult you every day so why not get used to it and enjoy your day. For how long will you continue to keep this thought in your mind? If you want to be happy, delete those miserable thought off your mind. Doing this will help you avoid worrying about whatever your Boss say which will later keep you healthier and happier everyday at work. Kindly understand that it will always happen like that. The best thing to do is to enjoy it. As we all know that no one cares about how many times your Boss insult you, stay healthy, make more money, and enjoy it.

Say positive words about yourself

What are you saying about yourself; is it good or bad. if you say I’m not happy you will never be because whatever you say about yourself becomes subconscious or the result of your life. Setting goals is a key to success. Regardless of what success looks like to you, making goals and reminding yourself that you can achieve them is essential. Sometimes it’s hard to convince yourself of this, but it’s absolutely true.


Believe that there is a big difference between your present and the future

You have a better vision of the life you will live. You are in charge of your own destiny. don’t ever think that your life cant change because those whose life had changed are worst than yours. No matter what you pass through just focus on overcoming and always believe your tomorrow is better than today.

let the past mistakes go

After supporting failures and bearing defeat for a long period of time just continue keeping your hope because life is very tough and so it was and will be. You always pass failure on the way
to success. don’t give up. Let the past be past and move on.


The best way to achieve great happiness is to find peace within yourself and focus on what brings the enjoyment. Happiness is all about mindset and choice. You can have all the money and not be happy. In fact there is a big connection between happiness and peace which means no peace, no happiness. So the best way to be happy is to know that no one is better than you and you are also better than no one. Don’t compete with anyone. Be yourself and enjoy your life.

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