It’s not really bad to please your girl but doing it too much might make you lose your responsibilities and you can also become stupid.

If you are Seriously in love with your girl it’s undoubtedly true that you always do everything and anything to please and keep how with you. Guys usually React childish when they are really love with a girl and this can destroy even their relationships.

It’s not bad to be romantic or sweet guy. There is nothing wrong with being humbled or begging your girl. But you should be smart enough to know that you are the Boss and behave like a Boss. When you come across a beautiful girl that everyone is looking for you should be the one running away because you might be in a big damage. Beauty will soon be over. But there are actually some stuff in your girl that will never be over and that’s what you run for.

  1. Does she have genuine love
  2. Can you guys do things together(building dreams)
  3. Is she from a good family
  4. Does she respect you
  5. Does she value you

Not to write too much, here are some important stuff to never do just to please your girlfriend:

Steal money to give her

Dont face any responsibility that you cant afford as a young boy. Even as a youth or grown up person, it is very dangerous to sacrifice your life for a girl that there is no assurance you will marry. Dont allow the devil tonise you because when you’re caught, she might not be there to help you.

After entering prison she will look out for someone better than you and now you’ll become a loose for your family. If you are lucky to be back one day, someone might have taken your place. Please don’t.

Borrow money to buy her a car

Any woman that will see your condition and ask for a very big thing ks wicked and doesn’t love you. It’s not bad to buy her a car but if you cant afford it please run away. Common Sense can tell you to build your dreams first before buying someones daughter a car. How can you be walking and buy your girlfriend a car? It is stupid. Why not invest in your business.

Girlfriend will never finish so focus on enjoying your life and accept yourself. Even if she is your wife, when she find someone better, youre abandoned. Use your own brain. Never favor her to think about yours later. Buying a car for her just to make her stay is wrong and wrong.

Fight Another Man Because Of Her

Fighting because of her will reduce your value and respect. It doesn’t make sense and can make you a fool before other girls. Ok after been beaten by the guy can with pains and he later took your girlfriend with him, what can you do? You might even be unlicky and find yourself in jail with your opponent and the girl you are fighting for will be dating another man until you come back from prison. You lose!

Be careful, someone can kill you because you are dating his girlfriend. And if you find yourself in a relationship like that, give up! Your life is important. If the girl really loves you, you won’t struggle much but you have to be careful.

Reject Your family Because Of Her

Your family is just your everything. It is your backbone so you cant reject your household because your girlfriend doesn’t love them. It is childish to reject your family because of a woman you will still have problem with. By doing that, you have take a harmful path that will surely damage your life.

Pay for her education

I have seen many guys regretting for paying and supporting their girlfriend instead of their sister or mother. Well it is not bad to support your girlfriend, but your foolishness is taking full responsibility because after losing till she get to some degree in the University, you will see that she will start losing respect for you immediately because she is seeing some guys dressing better or speaking better grammar than you.

If you trust her so much, the good for you is that we are all humans. Situations and time can change us. She might end up finding love elsewhere and this will be unfavorable for you but advantage for her family.

Putting Your House And Properties In Her Name

It is not bad to put your girlfriend’s name in your properties as the owner but I’m afraid that many films have thought us serious lessons that we can never forget. This is life and anything can happen at any time So you can just put your wife or girlfriend’s name in all your belongings but some.

Giving her ownership to your papers and belongings can cause a damage like For example: when she fall in love with another man, she will tell that man everything she have and that man can control her into collecting whatever you put in her name. Here if God did not help you, youll finish empty handed. Some wicked girls can even sell them and run away from you.

Change Your Appearance

One of the most harmful part is changing the colour of your body with expensive creams just to make her like you. Buying expensive or using borrowed clothes and shoes will change nothing. So changing to please her means that the moment you don’t have the money for that, she will leave. The girl of your dreams should love you for who you are.

Become Her Servant

This is like worshipping her. It is just like listening to whatever she says without reacting to her wrongdoings.

Give Up On Your Deeam To Satisfy Her

A friend of mine have witnessed this in my presence. He got a visa to travel abroad with a job approuval but his girlfriend told him not to go because she will miss her. So three of his friends went to the Us and started hustling. Three years later, the guy lost his small job and his friends that traveled later came to visit him finding out that his girlfriend has left him. Don’t let a woman discourage you from your dreams because she will later insult you for not being capable of standing for yourself or being a man.

Starve yourself for her

Never leave all your money for your girlfriend and go hungry it doesn’t make any f****** sense. Don’t be afraid to tell her you can’t afford it. If you refuse to share then no big deal. Genuine love is sharing anything, you can share anything together even a few dollars.

Being Over-Submissive

It is not bad to spend time and go out with your girlfriend but too much of it is just too dangerous. A brave man is not a man that sit under a woman every time but a man that indtruct her and take duties. They know how to organize their lives and time and know:

  1. When to have fun
  2. to be serious
  3. to focus on their dreams
  4. To let her to go home
  5. To have sex as well and when not to

Help her kill

Never help a woman to execute any action of killing. Either another girl is making her angry and she want you to help her kill. Refuse!! If not, you might end up in prison and someone smarter take your position. Additionally, God himself will punish you for that and you can never run away from it.

It will save you if you refuse to do bad and even your girlfriend too. Don’t let her take full control of your action no matter how you love her. If a relationship can crash because you refuse to kill, let it crash.

Kill Yourself Because Of Her

If you kill yourself, you commit murder. You are not the owner of your life and God will judge you for that where your girlfriend can never help you. If you read or listen to this never do any of this listed. No matter the pains you feel never commit suicide be a man of integrity and stay calm.

Final thoughts

It is not easy to find a good woman. Any love that requires big money to work is fake. It is not bad to love a woman with all your heart but bad to let her control you. In fact any relationship headed by a bad woman will never work. Use common sense.

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