It is not bad to find out if someone is actually thinking about you. Do you know you can tell if someone is thinking about you when you know the person and even if you are not in a relationship it sounds incredible, yes but it is 100% true your natural empathy abilities are never wrong you will be surprised how you can tune in and feel another person’s emotions and sense the kind of energy a person is emitting now the crucial question is how do you know for certain when someone is thinking about you?
This article will unlock your eyes the following cyclic indications will tell you everything. Here are seven signs someone is constantly thinking about you every day:

1. Feeling strange emotions

Sometimes you suddenly feel very different but can’t explain why for instance you are spending your time gossiping or laughing with friends or even dancing in a club then all of a sudden your face shows the emotion of fear or surprise. why could this be because you are most probably crossing someone’s mind right at that moment incredible but more common than you imagined this happens even more frequently if you have recently thought about a special someone yourself.

2. Someone approaches you for seemingly no real reason

the truth is if a person’s subconscious mind and spirit have decided you are the person they should be with they cannot help themselves but move to be next to you even if this is for just a few moments and for no obvious reason they do this because it is impossible to fight such a strong psychic impulse.

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3. You get a strange inner edge to be close to a certain person

Sometimes we think who we love is down to destiny only the actual truth is that the attraction is also due to two people’s subconscious Minds drawing them together at the right moment in time because the mind has given an undeniable signal that a given person is exactly what is needed and that your minds are in sync together that’s why true love often enters with a bang.

4. When you suddenly feel your cheeks burn

Cheap burning is a very subtle psychic sign but an incredibly powerful way of revealing that someone is thinking of you and only you if you feel an unexplained burning in your cheeks and it is not because of for example hot Sun this is undeniable because someone you have a special connection with is thinking about you.

5. Itch in one of your eyes

If you get a sudden itch in one of your eyes this is often a true sign do not ignore this if it happens medical science tells us that if this is due to an allergy or smell a strong odour you can discount the itching as a sign other than that suppose you get an itch from out of nowhere real itching in both or one of your eyes this is a sure sign you’re on someone’s mind what is shocking is that the type of itch often determines whether the person is thinking positively or negatively about you so if you feel the intense urge to rub your eyes this is a very positive sign.

6. Where your feet are pointing

Did you know your feet have a subconscious link with what and who you mind a spirit favours your feet are a psychic link between you and thoughts about you, this subconscious link often dictates where you point your feet for example you are sitting with both friends and someone else who could be your soul mate it will then feel unnatural to cross your legs and point your feet away from that special person such a spiritual link as something your mind cannot control?

7. The unexpected attack of the hiccups

This is also a powerful cyclic sign only this time not for a good reason it means the person who you are spiritually connected with is negatively thinking about you maybe these thoughts will only last for an hour or so but this is not a good sign and the more reason for you to take advantage of all the help you can get. This is why you need the forces of love and destiny definitely on your side and a friend to guide you through the minefield of love relationships in the heart.

8. Digestive Difficulties

Sometimes when you have some stomach problems like digestive problems. This also happens when you find it difficult to sleep at night and still thinking about someone.

9. Difficulty or Hardness to get a night sleep

If you find it hard to sleep at night or find yourself thinking about someone, it also means that person is also thinking about you at night. I have once experienced this after a breakup and the next morning I saw my ex telling me that she was thinking about me all night. And I later realized that I can’t sleep because I was awake on her mind.

10. The first person you remember when you wake

Have you ever woke up and just remember or call someone’s name unconsciously? This might be a very good sign someone is remembering you on their night bed. Even if they don’t tell you you will receive the information without them realizing it. The first person you remember in the morning might have you in mind at night.

11. Dreams

Dreams are like messages. They are just spiritual messages about sometimes our felling, lifestyle, problems, fortune and so on. So if you dream about someone especially trying to please or make you happy it means that they have been thinking hard about you. You will dream about someone when they are seriously thinking about you and that is part of a new reality.

This video will prove to you that what I’ve said so far is accurate and others have experienced the same thing:

These are true signs that someone is thinking about you. After all, other fill signs also indicate. We will update when we find others too. Have you ever experienced any strange sensation listed?

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