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14 Legit typing jobs online (work from home)

14 Legit typing jobs online (work from home)

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Typing online as a job, writing articles, and so on are just great jobs. It is so true that making money online is not just easy as a beginner but if you can stand the difficulties and headaches you can make it. When starting an online business you must always invest in something and I seriously assure you to invest in what you believe in and always have a positive thought that you going to make it.

You will invest in data purchases, writing skill courses, a good phone, a good laptop, and so on. But if you need the money please invest it. Here are 20 websites that pay for typing from home.

Before starting, I recommend those who don’t have a computer to get one and Have a larger monitor to prevent their eves from stains and stress.

Please for the sake of your health, use low or reduced contrasts and always take 5-minute breaks from the computer every time to give your eyes a rest. Do that by leaving your computer and looking elsewhere for at least a minute before continuing your job.

Well, you might also need a headphone to do the work because there are usually works that pay for writing audios. So below are jobs that pay for typing from home:

Amazon Mechanical Turk

The mTurk provides thousands of human intelligence tasks or hit. These jobs require typing, transcribing from audio recordings, and data entry analytics. There are many other jobs to explore in Amazon Mechanical Turk you also have the choice to get another. What I love about most of the jobs is that they are just part-time jobs that you can just invest some little time to get work done and get your payment.


There are thousands of typing jobs on freelancer and also other categories jobs. The website is legit and has a lot of customers all around the world. There are jobs like data writing for $17 every hour. The transcription jobs are for up to $23 per hour plus typed translation jobs for up to $41 an hour and subtitle correction in a movie trailer for $44.


Xerox has been around for a long and is still active to date. They pay you for typing online. There are roles like customer service, data entry, and quality control positions, and maybe administrative. The more attention you pay to the job, the more money you get because the nature of the role you play is one of the best and most important values you’ll ever get from them. It helps them trust you for further jobs.


This is a transcribing website that also pays for typing and transcribing audio. You can earn from $15 to $22 per audio hour. The jobs take less time which can help you apply for more. The more you apply for, the more money you get. The website is worthwhile and pays to Paypal accounts. People are earning up to $2000 per month. As a beginner, you can earn up to $100 per month and that is a wonderful start. You can Cash out weekly when you get to $20. You must have at least 18 years to get paid so make sure you adjust your date, my teens.

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Aberdeen is also a kind of transcription website but also has Live or direct audio and Tv jobs. You can get paid to type subtitles for closed-caption TV. You might get up to $1.50 per audio minute. The reason why earings here are Haigh is that you have to be typing based on the Real-time Tv. It may require two computers to get this work done because you might need a backup computer and the other for the work.

AccuTran Global

AccuTran Global is a very interesting website that also offers transcribing jobs. The fact is that before they accept you into a job you must be a fast typer. You will do a test to confirm that you have a minimum typing speed of 60 words per minute. If you win, congratulation but if you don’t try again. After the test has been passed you will now be proposed to accept work that will earn you around $40 to $50 per hour. It might also require 18 years old to get a good job.


Click bank typing jobs

Clickworker has thousands of typing jobs. They also have other jobs like positions involving data entry, doing research, and editing text. The key is just to do the jobs you apply for well and for sure to get engaged with more and more jobs. Your performance is the best thing to build on a better business on clickworker.


To get started with CyberDictate, You must be an expert on something specific. The value of this website is to offer the best help to customers with legal transcription positions. The work is a little bit difficult and can earn you any amount of money depending on your level of experience. You must have at least three years of experience in a law firm over the past five to seven years, involving good working knowledge of legal expressions and the format of legal documents. This is because you’ll be preparing things such as formal correspondence, agreements, and court documents, such as pleadings and which they can’t afford any mistakes for.


CastingWords is paying on a PayPal account. I got the information that some countries in the world don’t allow Paypal. If your country doesn’t allow Paypal you might be unlucky. They pay $1 per audio. All that is here is to just type exactly what you’ve heard. You might be asked to perform a test before getting started so that’s your choice.

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Babbletype pays $0.40 per audio minute. The fact is that you will have to go through a recruitment process or a transcription test. You will need a headphone for interviews. If you also make yourself available to work four days almost every week, You can be earning at least $96 per week if you work hard as a real transcriber.

Daily Transcription

Daily Transcription, most jobs are usually available for those in the US or Canada. It Pays you for subtitles and transcribing from audio files in English, They also provide additional languages to translate into over 30 languages such as Spanish, French, German, and more. You can just sign up and provide their requirement and so on. If you understand any language, this website is the best for you.


Onespace also pays for typing audios and also provides can also find work here in writing, editing, and data entry. You can also translate languages from one to another. If you have a frequency in French or Deutsch you can easily get paid quickly.


Speak write can earn you up to $400 per month. It is also a transcribing website that also delivers language translation. If your second language is Spanish, you might get a lot of jobs to apply for and french language too. You must be typing a little bit speedily to get your approval. It requires a minimum of 60 words per minute and 90% accuracy meaning your typing of 100 words fast should only have 10 mistakes. I recommend you to have no mistakes in your test so that they can offer you big deals.

Axion Data Entry Services

To start a data entry job you are obliged to have enough equipment. You must be capable of Verify and correct data, perform some basic research, Add information to a spreadsheet, and so on. Your job here is to copy and complete texts from scanned documents. You can do another after finishing the one you applied for. They have changed their rules now that you must pay $10 per year. It is not sure that you will get a job surely in that one year after payment. Payment is made by documents and requires expertise to get the job.

There are also chat jobs

What you will be doing is answering services for customers and other provisions. To get this job done well you must be knowledgeable to know the company you are working for very well and be able to provide good answers to customer’s questions.

There are thousands of websites to make money online. Do more of what you believe in and use some personal experience. Hope this content brings a lot of value, cheers.

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