Hello designers and creators. When it comes to designing and selling effective logos, It takes time to attain buyers and get engaged with others in the world. If you are looking to become a little designer this could be the best investment you could have ever done because you can continue selling the same logo passively worldwide.

As we all know that it’s a general observation that most designers lack customers to sell their work to So it will be an intelligent idea to learn or ask queues or consider submitting your work to at least four websites listed below to open the chance for more opportunities. Logo business wants to be easy to sell because you will be having a lot of competitors And to win the game few must be competitive.

To get you more motivated here are four major reasons why it’s wonderful to sell logo online on website:

  1. Make passive and consistent income plus great customers
  2. Sell the same logo multiple times
  3. Meet new people
  4. Open the big gate for greater opportunities

Now that you know Dean put us of selling logo let’s get down into the best and most populated website to sell logo and make extra money.


Stock logos receive great traffic potential from business owners as well as designers. This placement is well established and trusted to sell a logo. The prove is that the website gathers 156,000 active designers and it is rated and accessible to join as a new designer, worldwide.


This logo is one of the outstanding websites That offers many facilities to designers to make money which their work.


GraphicRiver is one of the best websites to sell logo designs. This website is listing the best logos presenting finest designs and also bring together buyers and big business men. You can also find templates and stock graphic. The team of this website usually review logos on it so to succeed on this website you really creates a logo of high-quality.


DesignCroud is known for its active design context which is assessable to all designers in the platform. This context is just to get designers more motivated do we know will be rewarded with some hundreds or thousand dollars as well as some gift. It’s crucial to know that the context I just for passionate designers So if you are not passionate you might give up and leave everything.


LogoFirms a technical and the best website in side-by-side comprehensive analyses of logo designs companies. It also emphasizes a directory of logo design comparisons. As for now, the logo firm is not accepting any logo submission but you should check it occasionally or later.


BrandCrowd gives 60% of the sales revenue made from your designs. You can consider uploading on it if you’re experiencing rejection of logo templates because they also list logos of almost all levels of performance. Logos of this website get often featured in the blog section to give you a little more exposure. The blog usually reveals more information about the quality of the logo and at the same time helps amplify the buyer’s decision.


It is free to join Inkd and their team will approve your logo designs each time before being listed on the market. You’ll get 20% from a sale, if the design is of 30$ then you get 6$ after the sale. They also provide professional quality equipment for logos to envelopes, brochures to business cards. 


BuyLogoo is an online marketplace where we can buy and sell logos. The popularity of this website can help you sell your logo faster and maximize your earnings. The logo listed on their marketplace is of super quality and you have to do your best to get your rank.


This website is outstanding and cool to list your designs. It is a famous platform that helps designers sell their works. You can submit any type of printable design including phone cases t-shirt mugs… there is no problem with the low earning potential (1 to 3$) because you can also maximize your earnings successively by promoting your profile.

Strong Logos

It’s also verified that Strong Logos helps us sell logos to buyers and other great businessmen. The website’s job is to help you sell your designs and respect the value of your labor.


It is very easy to get started selling on logoground. You just click the sell logo button sign up and start selling. You can see on the website that they have listed a lot of logos. This is an opportunity for you to give out your best.


You can sell almost anything on Esty. This website can also help you and well He goes they also divide their selling fees to three:

  1. A listing fee is a price you pay for adding your services to their sale list or market.
  2. A transaction fee
  3. Payment processing fee

For designers, they charge 3.5% transaction on each sale.

Design Cuts

If you are professional designer This website could be the best for you. It is the best for selling high quality product. It’s so sure that If you list any kind of application design not wordy, your application will be rejected immediately. If you’re seeking to become a great designer, selling online, you can join your free courses On product Academy which we offer you some action every tips to becoming a great designer.

Template Monster

Template monster has been working since 2002 and have professionals knowing everything about digital product and marketing. It is one of the best places to sell digital products like templates, logos, plugging, graphics, website, themes, pdf, and much more.

With analyzed the website and found out that generates more than two million traffic every month. This means that website is active as well as we can find other great designers and marketers. It’s just easy to get started on your website by following the simple advices provided. The traffic protection as also prove that it’s a great place to meet customers and great audiences.

Big Cartel

Big Cartel is an easy online store for designers, artists, and makers to create an online shop and sell their digital products or work. One of the most interesting part about it is that they don’t charge commissions on product sold. You can sell up to 5 products, and they don’t cut any commission from you or a bunch of fees.

However, if you have extra or more than 5 products, they offer a monthly plans for you and it’s affordable. You can grab any plan that fits your needs and budget.


Logomesta is another excellent website to sell logos. You don’t need to qualify your profile. Register as a vendor, upload your logos, and start making money. You can set your own price from $49 to $2,000. The price can vary depending on your design and the uniqueness of the logo.


Fiverr is a great and trusted website. Doing well on Fiverr requires a lot of skills. Might start on Fiverr for five years without getting a single gig. I’m not saying that favor is bad but is just difficult to be called easy. So it’s your choice to pick or leave. It’s just a great place to set any digital product to the public.

The more engaged people are with you, the more popular you become. This can earn you chances to get sales. But if you are not good at marketing consider learning outside and building more skills to make it on fiverr.


Gumroad has been around since 2011 and fully satisfied more than 84,000 creators with over $426,000,000 worldwide. You can use Gumroad as a powerful tool to sell anything. As the topic of this blog is helping to sell your logos, this website can also help you sell other digital products and earn you money. To get started, you just need to sign up and upload your designs. 


Sellfy is also one of the most popular website to sell your logos. It not just limited to logos. it’s also expand to businesses like e-commerce and helping you create a portfolio website and stores. The only problem is that you will be promoting your logos by yourself because the website doesn’t have an audience. If you wish to promote your product you can sign up as an advertiser on adsense networks.

Related points:

How much can i sell a logo?

This question is just like asking how much you can buy a car. Your logo price will be depending on the excellence of your performance, reputation, and how high it’s rated or classified. A logo can even be sold for a million dollars depending on how it’s charged.

How can i sell a logo service to my customer?

Depending on where your customer is demanding the logo these strategies can be different. If the logo is listed on the website with your information and prices you just have to relax because the company we take care of the payment and all. The meaningful strategies are:

  1. Discuss the price of the logo with your client talking about the complete information
  2. Convinced your customer into getting the understanding of why your logo is given a specific price as well as why they should buy it.
  3. If the deal is accepted, you should then upload your logo with its information as a zip file or any other type depending on your customer requirements.
  4. If it’s someone you don’t trust consider receiving your money first before delivering your property.

Can I sell logos that I have already submitted in a contest?

honestly, Yes. You can sell those logos that you have submitted in the contest but the ones not selected by the contest organizer. The ones that you didn’t win context for. You have to consider 3 things before selling those logos on the marketplace.

  1. Make sure you own it
  2. Make sure the contest or debate is finished.
  3. The logo cannot be a winning entry.
  4. The logo can not be shown in your portfolio on the contest site.

How will I get paid for my sales?

To get your money, there are different options like PayPal, Stripe, Payoneer, Bank Cheque, Bank Wire Transfer, etc. After choosing your payment method you can go for a payment request which will be your commission on sold items.

Can I sell those logos that I’m already selling somewhere else?

You might be lucky to sell the same logo on two or three websites but the fact is that what’s doing is dangerous. Many websites have their privacy and rules. When you got caught in a copyright business, they will delete your account and burn your money. So don’t do that.

Final words

It’s cool to get started in challenging yourself to create more and more things. You can’t just focus on only logos but can also Focus on creating your one course and selling them to help others learn and get better too The websites listed are easy to assess and start making some money. We highly recommend you choose at least four websites to sell your stuff to open more chances of fortune. Please give us a like button or comment if you deserve it cheers.

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