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20 Best Survey Panels That Actually Pay Out

20 Best Survey Panels That Actually Pay Out

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I think a survey is one of the easiest ways to earn some free cash and there are multiple survey panels that actually pay out. To me, surveys don’t require that much personal experience but just if you can read and understand the basis of the question. I love taking surveys on the computer because it is clear and with just some mouse clicks. You might be thinking about the answer to choose but just know that they value your opinion. All answers are right.

If you love taking the survey here are 20 steady survey panels that actually pay out:

1. One Opinion

The One opinion website earns you money to recommend their products. The objective of this website is to help companies review their products so that they can improve. However, after recommending any product or giving your opinions you get paid through Paypal, or gift cards. Well, not everyone can be qualified to take surveys but congrats to you if you find yourself qualified.

2. Pinecone Research

The second survey panels that actually pay out is Pinecone Research. They get you paid $3 for every survey you take. Nevertheless, you can also get free products to test at home. They are also trustworthy while they pay instantly.

3. Opinion Square

I also enjoy this site because it is just simply fun. When you join this panel, you will be eligible to win $100,000 in their monthly “Your Opinion Matters’ Every instant win game link will give players a chance to win in cash $50, $2500, $5000, or even $100,000! Two players each month will win $50. However, know that you will be competing with competitive individuals so your performance matters.

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4. Smart App

This app enables you to get $5 for signing up, cash and commitment bonuses to keep the app installed and your data continue receiving your data connection. However, Smart App can also be one of those survey panels that actually pay out.

5. YouGov

YouGov will pay to answer questions and take surveys.
As a member of the YouGov panel, you will be part of a global community of people who share their opinions in return for points and rewards. Another outstanding  survey panels that actually pay out is YouGov.

6. Quick Thoughts

Get paid for your opinion by sharing your honesty from your smartphone.

7. Toluna Opinions

Earn real prizes by grabbing some surveys with Toluna! Take surveys or play games, earn points, get gift cards. That’s all.

8. VIP Voice

When you join VIP Voice, you win cash or prizes for giving your opinions. Must be at least 13 years old.

9. Tellwut Survey Panel

Win prizes to answer questions, ask questions, quiz your friends, and more.

10. My Soap Box

Win prizes for every survey, product test, and online activity you finish.

11. Product Report Card

Register for free and impact products and service determinations by sharing your opinion. Get a chance to earn cash, Amazon gift codes, or free products for each online survey you complete.

12. E-poll

The E-pool is also fun and gives more chances to earn cash for doing what you love. At E-Poll, you earn cash and gift cards taking fun surveys about movies, celebrities, and TV shows.

13. Life Points

Join LifePoints, take surveys & get rewarded for it. It’s free and good survey panels that actually pay out.

14. Opinion Outpost

Take fun surveys and get rewarded for influencing products. Must be at least 14 years old to join.

15. PrizeRebel

Still, this website is one of the top survey panels that will pay you cash to take daily surveys plus complete other tasks. They even have a sweepstakes contest for you to win more cash. Must be at 13 years old.

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16. Legerweb

Get paid to join this Canadian panel that is also open to US members to get $1 and up for every short survey you complete. Download the app to take surveys from the survey panels that actually pay out.

18. Branded Surveys

This website will allow Teens who are at least 13 can also join this panel to take daily polls, complete TV surveys, and so additional tips.

18. Survey Savvy

Earn $2 and up to take surveys as a member of this panel plus more if you download and install Savvy Connect. You will make up to $180 a year!

19. Paid Viewpoint

The website enables you to take mini polls in your spare time to earn cash or gift cards. Must have a PayPal account to get cash.

20. Swagbucks

This website will be helping you earn some SB that you will later redeem for PayPal cash or gift card. There are a lot of surveys that will earn you a gift card faster than you think. Swagbucks is also one of those best survey panels that actually pay out.


If you love taking surveys to earn cash, these listed survey panels that actually pay out will help you fulfill that goal. Maybe you might be looking for tips to maximize your income or maybe other ways to earn passive income. My cheers!

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