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25 Easy Money Making Apps For Android

easy money making apps for Android

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You can now earn some easy money with these easy money making apps for Android or smartphones, Others are even compatible with the IOS. Some use your data connection and others allow you to watch ads. Some of these easy money making apps can also accept laptops according to the instructions and the opportunities they offer.

Now that you can take your smartphone anywhere and work with your data as you wish. I am going to show you the easy money making apps to make money worldwide and especially in the United States. What will be listed down below will help you make good use of your smartphone doing what you love for cash.

These apps will be very easy for newbies as well as same as for professionals. Taking good advantage of these tips will make you end up every month with at least $50 a month (on the low-end) up to $300 a month and more! Not too shabby for side income without working a traditional 9-5 full-time 8-hour job from home.

So Below are 25 easy money making apps for Android:

1. Fetch

This is my all-time favorite app so far for easy cash. Use code G4HBH for a bonus when you join. They always have contests for their members to win $1,000 or less plus you get free Visa cards and gift cards to scan your grocery receipts.

2. 1Q

1Q is one of the easy money making apps for Android that will pay you will pay you from $0.25 up to $.50 for every answer you give. Pays instantly via Paypal. Side note: not required to have a smartphone to use this app. You can also log in on the computer.

3. Surveys on the Go

Surveys on the Go is one of the easy money making apps for Android. If you like taking surveys, you will want to try this app for extra cash. Their surveys pay anywhere from $2 to $10 per survey. You can download the app from Google Play or App Store.

4. Porch Expert

The porch is a new app that I just discovered that has partnered with Lowe’s and requires home improvement and garden experts to answer questions from their smartphones assisting others. You will receive text alerts when a new question is available. You can decide to claim it or not. You also have the option of doing a video chat or chat with the homeowner or sharing photos that give more detail. They pay $7 for 15 minutes of live video/audio conversation and a 70/30 revenue share. Payments are sent on the 5th and 20th of each month via PayPal. The app is available on Google Play and iOS.

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5. Qmee

This app will reward you with gift cards or PayPal cash to visit new websites browse the web and complete online surveys.

6. Receipt Pal

The all-new ReceiptPal makes it easier and more fun than ever to turn your everyday receipts into valuable rewards and cash prizes. Don’t just throw out your receipts, earn great rewards for them!

7. Feature Points

This app will give you free PayPal cash and gift cards to try new apps. You must download the app and keep it installed for 2 minutes to get credit.

8. National Consumer Panel

Join the Mobile National Consumer Panel (NCP) for free and earn rewards by your shopping opinions & help manufacturers and retailers make decisions on what products to develop or improve and sell in the market. You’re awarded points for each week you scan your purchases and participate on the panel and the longer you participate the higher the point value you receive.

9. iBotta

One of the top smartphone apps for cashback that you will find. You simply take a photo of your receipts from the purchases that you have made for the week and get paid cash for any products that are featured on the app. Easy way to earn cash.

10. Earnin

A cool app that pays you whenever you want for the hours you already worked. Join Earnin today for FREE! With Earnin, there is no need to wait for payday. Access up to $100 per day of the money you have already earned. There are no fees or interest. Just pay what you think is fair.

11. Mobee

This smartphone app will pay you to do mystery shopping missions in your area. Use code QQPD for bonus points.

12. Google Opinion Rewards

Get paid cash that you can spend on the Google Play store for answering easy questions. Only available on Google Play.

13. Legerweb

Another app that will pay you to answer short surveys from your smartphone. It is a Canadian-based company that is open to panelists in the US and Canada. You can also access this survey panel online.

14. Ebates

This app will give you cash back when you shop and use in-store coupons, scan products to compare prices, and more.

15. Savvy Connect

Survey Savvy has an app that you can download on your smartphone, computer, or another mobile device for cash.

16. S’more

Get paid to wake up and unlock your smartphone. It is easy to use and pays cash.

17. Lifepoints

another smartphone app that will pay for taking online surveys. Join LifePoints & Start Earning Rewards!

18. Swagbucks

Make sure you download the Swagbucks app including the Swagbucks TV app so that you can watch trailers for even more points that you can redeem for cash. Open in several countries.

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19. Smart App

We pay you for sharing your data with us. You’ll earn $5 every month if you qualify, install the Smart App to your iOS devices, and keep it installed. In addition, you can earn quarterly loyalty bonuses: $5 after three months, $10 after six months, and $15 every three months after that. In this way, you can earn a total of $110 in one year, $170 in 18 months, and $230 in two years.

20. Nielsen Mobile

Join Nielsen mobile today. Get rewarded just for using your mobile device! Sign up and install the app and earn cool prizes!

21. VIP Voice Panel

Join VIP Voice and you can win cash or prizes for giving your opinions.

22. Checkout51

Another smartphone app will give you cashback when you take a photo of and upload your grocery receipts.

23. Video Chat Network

Get paid up to $100 to complete video chats from your mobile phone.

24. Lucktastic

Win real cash to play games. Enter to win up to $5,000 instantly. It’s free to play. Available on Google Play and iTunes.

25. Inbox Dollars

Get paid to do various tasks from your smartphone including downloading apps and taking paid surveys. Inboxdollas is one of the easy money making apps for Android to earn extra money from home.  I’ve got amazing experience and get paid for my efforts! I get to try new games and take surveys. I really enjoy using Inboxdollars!


Now that you’ve discovered the easy money making apps for Android, you can also start earning money with your smartphone, everywhere you go as long as you have a data connection.  The most reasonable decision is to take action. There are some certain apps that you must sign up for on the web before downloading. So if you didn’t find the download link after clicking that means that you must sign up before getting the links. Cheers!

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