4 Things To Do When You Have A Bad Day

4 Things To Do When You Have A Bad Day 4 Things To Do When You Have A Bad Day 4 Things To Do When You Have A Bad Day

We all want things to go well with us every day and wish to be happy. However, it’s not bad to wish things go well with you but since we are in a world where we can’t predict the full reality of what will happen next. Any negative thing can just change your mode. For example, you felt disappointed from a friend you trust, someone started talking bad things about you, people hate you for nothing and so on. The fact is that the more you realize that life is too short to continue going, the more you handle things to your advantage.

  • When you put in the work and wake up the next day to see that all that you’ve planted are just dead.
  • When you struggle so hard to make things work and they don’t.
  • When you just heard bad news or maybe someone you cherish just got an accident
  • When you find yourself in a situation whereby you have nothing to eat or are just sad about a lack.

First of all, you have to know that the unexpected happens. I usually train myself that anything can happen at any time. Or maybe even your girlfriend that you love so much just break up with you or you caught your partner cheating on you. Life usually reserves us a lot of surprises.

You will usually experience pains during these days but one thing to know is that you must train yourself to become stronger. So below are 4 things to do when you have a bad day:

1. Remember That Life Goes On

Things will sometimes go wrong and you might even lose some friends that might ruin your happiness and destroy your vibes. The best way to handle that bad situation is to believe that life goes on and continue fighting. You have to build more self-worth or self-assurance that things will work out in the future. Hopefully, try to maintain your time in such a way that it profits you.

When things get bad, when making mistakes, when you didn’t make it, you will lose all your fake people this will also help you know yourself better. Take note: “People change, things go wrong. Just remember life goes on”

2. Build Self-Esteem

Become the boss of your life. You should be the one to command your actions. Your self-esteem is the respect and value you render yourself. This will help you feel like I’m more than that. I’m more expensive. I love my life I won’t settle for a mess.

Self-esteem brings mentality like: ” Is it because they rejected me? I’m more than that”. The more they love the more your happy. Be there for others, but never leave yourself behind. For your information, “Don’t ask why people keep hurting you. Ask yourself why you are allowing it to happen.”

3. Control Your Emotions

Let’s say you are facing yourself. You face yourself instead of saying and lamenting what doesn’t work. Say with a smile: ” I’ve just done well” Even my touch mistakes are going to bring something positive to me in the future. Have a new way to educate yourself on how to handle and control yourself when the worst happens. “Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence.”

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Learn to train yourself to be calm enough that the bad day will soon be over. Don’t waste your time on a thought that doesn’t matter. Even when someone dies your tears of a full bucket won’t bring them back. You just need a little silence to honour that person and get back to work.

4. Take a Deep Smile

Be thankful for the tiny details and keep your smile. Nothing less nothing much, life makes room for beautiful blessings. Salute the past and give thanks for the lessons and experience it gave. Welcome the future and be ready for new challenges.


Last week a friend came to ask me how he could handle all his bad days I simply answered him to choose not to be easy and also told him to keep improving his experiences with all his challenges. Don’t make mountains out of molehills. Focus on the positive and enlightenment sides of life and keep learning.

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