15 ideas to making quick money in the us

Whether you own an affiliate or sponsored links, the truth is that getting quality clicks might be difficult. Depending on the types of links, you must know the rules and riddles to follow up. The fact is that you can obtain quality referrals by amplifying your links with Google Adsense or other companies. One of the fastest ways to get authentic referrals to your links is to buy ads from google. It’s verified that google ads are the best for promoting affiliate links, getting referrals, and growing your sales. It is not bad to go for it because you will never regret using it. There is always a feedback button which you can also use to contact the customer agent if you have any problems. It is very simple to advertise on Google ads, you just:

  • Click the Google ads button below
  • Create an account( google ads account) if you have a Gmail account you just sign in with it.
  • Decide where to advertise ( choose target ads)
  • Find your audience
  • Explore more and pay for the service.

The word referral is broad. It’s so naive that in any social media, or even other places on the internet, the description you add to your link is very important to get people into action. Those who are impressed by your description will click your link and sign up. If you don’t have money for services, here are seven productive ways to get authentic referrals to your links.

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Be Organized

Set a daily goal. It doesn’t matter how hard you work in posting your links everywhere on the web, if you lack a target goal, you are just doing nothing. To be organized:

  • Decide the number of referrals you will get daily
  • Fulfill it
  • Plan the number of people you will refer
  • Fulfill it
  • Plan the number of social media you will reach per day
  • Make it possible
  • Plan the number of friends to satisfy

If you can prove to them that you have been making profits from the links you are submitting, they will follow you easily. Doing stuff like this will make them feel like why not? People need proof.

Promote Your Link To Those Who Need It

Depending on the type of link you are promoting, you should get people who need that service. If your referral link is to get, invite people to earn money, write a short review about it with your positive experiences. As we all know that your link is about business, you can also get to places where people are talking about the particular business to provide your links. To do so:

  1. Get into any social media
  2. Search for people that are looking for what your link is providing
  3. Share it
  4. If necessary, Inbox to convince them that it’s authentic with your proofs
  5. Always maintain generosity: You referring to people who can later become customers.

Target Trending Forums

Trending forums are easy to identify. They are usually posts that get more traffic, comments, and views. You must be able to find out different types of topics on any social media that is perpetually getting comments and links. To do that you just have to reply to people who commented on the post and follow the posts. If no reply that’s means that the post is not trending and people are already satisfied. Note that you will be competing with others. Provide the best prove and description to get others impressed. The best trending forums to target are from Reddit and Quora.

Youtube Live Video (screaming)

YouTube live videos will just trend till the video is over and maybe the YouTuber will post that video again. The problem here is that you might be blocked by the Youtuber if you provide irrelevant links. Youtube live video is also one of the best places to get excellent referrals. Your comments are public and can get views and clicks faster.

Use Schedule Strategy

To help you understand what you are doing better, you need to become a strategist. Using strategies helps you fulfill your goals faster and earns you more time. Don’t just go around and paste links. Use a daily plan instead and Consider tabling your work.

Become Social

This just means that you should get an associate with some friends to exchange referrals together. You can get friends like that on Facebook groups that they are discussing that specific topic.

Chat Friends Online

Chatting is free on most social media. You can’t get send a naked referral link to friends. You should explain what the link is all about just before sending it. The best thing to do is to communicate and ask many things about your new friends and make them more comfortable with them before sending your links. If you chat with your friends with respect and care, they will support you.

Here are practical examples:

  • Hello dude I have a website that earns me money passively. I’ve invested 100 dollars and this is my $300 earnings. As you can see I’ve cashed for shopping. Do you want the deal?
  • Hey, do you want a 90% discount? This offer is exclusive and I want you to take advantage by clicking this link.
  • Sign up and get free $5 now. You can cash out today, and they pay through PayPal.
  • Hello, do you want $10? Click the link to get it.

To conclude, This work can earn you money passively. It doesn’t require much time if you have already created your description text. You just have to paste it to those who need it.

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