8 Ways To Know A Shy Guy Likes You

how to know a guy is shy

As a girl, you will always have a crush at one point or the other and usually wonder why he is not approaching you. The funniest thing is that the guys you don’t like or have any feelings for will be the ones chasing you but the ones you love, look away or never make an effort to meet up with you. Occasionally the most important fact is that some guys you meet don’t dare to talk to you or are just too shy to start the conversation at first. This is not wrong because all guys are not the same and will never be as same as girls. You have to find out if getting along with him is well worth it if your efforts to get him will work out. Do what you can do.

The first way to find out is to see if he is making efforts to get you. Don’t be fooled by his quietness because you will only know his true nature when he gets comfortable with you. Don’t only focus on emotions to choose a guy try to find out if he is trustworthy, humble, loyal…

However, you even feel sometimes angry and hopeless especially when you are deeply in love. So Can you really know a guy likes you but can’t tell you? Yes!, you can and there are actually some specific actions that you will notice.
Most of these shy guys will be thinking about you but having a very hard time saying it. So when you meet them they will sometimes pretend not to know you but they do.
You don’t have to notice too many things to know that a guy is loving you so here are 8 things you notice when your guy is shy:

1. He Doesn’t Look Into Your Face

The first thing to notice when you meet is to look at his face. If he is pretending to look elsewhere, it means that he doesn’t have the courage to look at your eyes. He may be looking at the ground when you walk together too but if he is a confident guy he will look at your face and talk to you confidently. He is not open he is introverted. Anyway, if you want that guy then you must be the one to communicate in most cases until he becomes comfortable expressing himself with you.
How do you get your guy comfortable talking to you?

  1. Start with a very deep mobile connection. Message him on phone and tell him that you’re missing him. That is a good start that proves to him that you also like him and will bring directness between you and him.

  2. Ask him if he has a task that you can help him with

  3. Give him a chance by using your personal experience or your brain. Try to solve problems with him.

  4. Become vulnerable: Pretend and treat him like a king. Don’t disturb him but you can just call him and ask him how his day was sometimes but not always. Because if he never calls you back in at least two weeks find out why because he might not be interested in you.

  5. Make a deep conversation with him: Ask him many questions about himself. Ask deep questions about his life and how he lives. You can just say something like :<why are you so quiet? See I love your ways, you are such a calm guy, I have been thinking about you during the day hoping to receive a message from you, I want to have you…> Messaged like this will open his mind towards you in no time.

  6. Demonstrate The Kinds Of Interests He Wants In Women. We will discuss this in our next article.

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2. He can’t Just Talk To You

Very simply, he doesn’t have that conviction that you will behave kindly when he approaches you. He will be thinking and analyzing those tips to find out what will happen next if he decides to make the first move.
One of the things to put in mind is that autism and introverted guys have high self-esteem. It is not that they can’t approach you or ask you out but they just can’t afford embarrassment from anyone.

3. He Loses Control

Maybe he wants to say something, he might replace it with another thing. You just notice that he is lacking words or doesn’t have questions to ask. But he has a lot of questions. The fact is that those questions usually come to his mind after you just left and he usually regrets why he didn’t say it. This confusion is caused by emotions which shows that he has been thinking about you. This also shows that he likes you.

4. He Behaves Childish

Only those who have a little bit of emotional intelligence will overcome this. After approaching you he will just ask you something like: how are you? How was your night and immediately say goodbye. Doesn’t he know that you are fine before? The truth is that he is so shy that he can’t afford to share the same space with you in public. So when you notice that your crush is not getting into context, one of the reasons might be because he doesn’t just have the opportunity to see you somewhere you can meet face to face alone.

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5. You notice A Signal Of Care

He usually demonstrates love after any little conversation when you meet. Sometimes he makes statements; like see you later; a touch and so on. But you feel that he is somehow concerned about your interests.

Moreover, he asks some of your friends about you or talks about you in conversations. This is a sign of interest and concern so if a guy usually talks about your qualities know that he likes you.

6. He Lacks Association Skills

When you notice he doesn’t associate that much or has fewer friends know that he won’t have communication skills too. When you see him most time alone also suggests that there is a high chance that he is just somehow shy. To develop that skill of extroverted or public speaking he must have friends that motivate him to be like that.

7. He Pokes And Adds You On Facebook

If a guy you know is not talking to you and later finds and send you friend requests it means that he has been looking for your profile with your name. If that is the only way he can set a good conversation with you, why not?

8. He Thinks A Lot

When you see him spending most of his time alone just know that he is a very mindful person. He spends most of his time in his mind. But when someone thinks a lot does that means that he is shy? Not really true. Maybe he has just decided in his mind not to go for a relationship for some reason or the other.

Point Of View

If a guy is shy you will know. After discovering that someone has feelings for you and can’t say it out.

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