Once you’ve put your all into giving a website value, you will later be thinking about how to make money with it. The created website may have many members with thousands of traffic but make you nothing and that’s why here are fourteen professional ways a website can make you some money.


Google is the biggest search company and the best electronic address provider. Since when google started they have not been sleeping. People pay to google for targeted ads and sponsored posts, so google is ready to pay for putting ads on your website. They are paying the best price and giving chances to customers with unique and high-quality content. Getting approved for google AdSense may be a very difficult task because they have many terms and conditions.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing means that you are introducing a product to your audience for a commission when anyone buys it. You can do that with links or HTML. Amazon is the best place to sell affiliate products because they have everything and anything and is a popular company that your audience can trust. There are also Clickbank and Jvzoo.

Publish Sponsored Posts

Post sponsored is an advertorial. They are article adverts that usually contain the advertiser’s website link. They either are using it to bring an audience to their website or investors to their businesses. Depending on your website popularity you can earn from any amount to any amount. You can also earn up to $1000 depending on the content you are publishing, how rich your audience is, and how they appreciate you. To get your website, you must keep posting content and sharing your links on other social media groups for bloggers and interested people.


Skimlinks is one of the best platforms that can help you make money by introducing ads and affiliate products to your website. Whenever a product is purchased through your link, you earn a commission. You can also install Skimlinks to your blog to monetize automatically. You will generate 2% – 10% commissions for any affiliate link bought through your website.

Use Text Link Advertising

This is very simple to understand and just simply means that by just talking about a website on my blogs and referring the link from it to the advertiser’s website you get paid. You can be charging weekly or monthly on any link and can make from $5 upwards. You can also charge more than that if your website has more traffic than before. To sell Backlinks and LinksPanel go-to Bloggers groups or forums on social media (Facebook is the best) and just post backlinks for the sell inbox and you will surely get someone to contact you.

Add Banner Adverts

Many websites provide banner ads but the fact is that most of them are scams and can lead to depressions. Adcash is one of the best banner ads and I’ve collected money from it on my second website. What I don’t like is the adult content they shear which isn’t relevant to my blogs but with Google Adsense or Media.net, you can just paste a code to your website to create those banner ads which are very relevant to visitor’s searches. If you are a beginner Google Adsense or Media.net might not approve you so try to use Taboola. They all pay every time a visitor clicks on an advert or per 1,000 impressions.

Freelance Work

You can create a hire someone page that leads to the services category. You will be charging the people listed to be hired weekly or monthly because they are benefiting from your audiences which makes you deserve some appreciation in form of dollars.

Post Products Reviews

This type of monetizing depends on your blog niche and can make you much money if you have a numeric audience. Companies pay for writing positive reviews for their products, depending on how happy they are, can highly reward you. It is very good to test a product by yourself before writing your reviews to keep your blog authentic and make your audience trust you more.

Sell Your Products

These might be digital or physical services but can make you thousands of dollars depending on the number of people who bought and the importance of the product to the audience. You can just post a product with your shop location for people to get you physically and get the items. You can also sell eBooks, printables, graphics, templates, podcast themes, images, drawings, and …

Create an Online Course

Find out or imagine your audiences’ problem and create a relevant course to solve that specific problem. For example, my website is about financial topics, I could write an Ebook on the topic How to make passive income online now and sell it for $5 or $10 and I am making money. It is just like premium content that you must purchase to get to access. You might later sell that same cost on Fiverr or Udemy.

Create Your Affiliate Program

This is like creating a small amazon affiliate. Maybe you have a product to spread but getting fewer purchases you can just give your audiences opportunities to shear your products for a commission and with that, you are also earning money with your website. This is also a better idea because it can lead to more product sales and traffic to your website.

Ask For Donations

When your audiences find out that your website is helpful and valuable they won’t refuse to donate. If you see that they are not donating, Just understand that they don’t have money. Paypal is the best for getting money through donation because you can just share your link with a donate button (Please buy me a coffee) and surely those who love you will do so. Ok now donate to me!!!

Embed Your Youtube Video Content on Your Website

This is a good idea because you are making money on your website and Youtube at the same time. It will keep visitors satisfied and get you more engagement. You can monetize those videos with google AdSense too and get more subscribers to your channel.

Create An Amazon Store Page

I said before that Amazon has almost everything and can easily provide relevant products to your audiences. Add an amazon store page that will help people find a product they need and have a relationship with your website. After joining Amazon Affiliate, You just create a page and paste some products custom HTML that are relevant to your blogs and can help the audience and will surely earn commission on any products sold through your HTML links.

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