The biggest lesson to ever learn is to study yourself. Self discovery should be one of the priorities. Bill Gates said “Your exposure from your young age to the realities of the world is a super big thing. ” Your first mission in life is to dive into the true realities, know the truth, find out what works for you, risk it all. Things like that will never be easy so it just takes time, effort, discipline.

Life is not easy

Learning and knowing that life is not easy will help you stay away from timewasters and pursue your dreams. If you take life easy you will die poor. Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life and trying to please others because nobody will remember you when your money is gone. Don’t seek the easy way. don’t stay in your comfort zone. get out and learn a skill or start doing something because the only easy time in life is your youth age

Risks Matters

Thank you for knowing that risks and failure are just one step forward. don’t think that problems won’t come instead stay strong and pray to God for more strength. running from risks just makes your life more miserable. If you are under 25 you have nothing to lose seriously nothing. Risks are to be taken wisely. It takes the risk to get a new job to learn a new skill to push the business to the next level and so on.

Entertainment will solve nothing

You’ve gone to all entertainment shows thinking to drink and having fun will solve your financial problem but you’re lost. don’t think going out to expensive bars and wearing stocks can solve it. No, they just keep you poor. Try to invest in creating what you wish to create and spend less time with negative peoples. Use your brain the world is getting tough every day.

Parties and expensive outlook aren’t important

The teenagers and youths associate a lot and have many friends, but most are just time wasters. They never plan anything about their lives but other people’s birthdays and parties. They spend money they don’t have on what doesn’t mean anything. Invest wisely if you don’t you will surely regret it later.

No pain no gain

Talking about your success alone is just like throwing water inside a well. Actions matters. you’ve listed thousands of I will but what have you done about it. But if you have done something about it comment on my blog that action matters. Pains are difficult but the glories are what we wait for so if you want a glorious future you must feel pains. You must pay the price of your success by giving the best of yourself.

How do you pay the price of your success

  • You decide to meditate on your success
  • You understand how important it is
  • You set daily goals towards it
  • You fulfill them every day
  • You appreciate yourself
  • You shear happiness
  • You work smart secretly
  • You work hard

Success does not come overnight

Sucess is a lifeterm invesment. On your way, many people will discourage you and tell you lies but if you don’t know what you are doing you will leave your goals and that will make you regret it later. Don’t take advice from fools instead look for successful people and get advice from them. You can read their books follow them on Facebook and so on. You just want to be motivated so stay strong and build a better future. Never lose motivation success pays.

Do what you are passionate about

To stay motivated you need passion. It simply means what you never get tired of and what exactly keeps you alive. what you think about what all your imagination is always on. Don’t just quit anything for passion but first, try things and see if they really are and if they are you will surely forget all other things.

Life is all about two things

  • Passion
  • Purpose

See Failure as a teacher and move on

Failure makes stronger

After any disappointment just moves on. Empower yourself because most people won’t understand you especially in an unsuccessful society they will just tell you to give up and get a job. Life is not like that you must fail and try. One attempt is not always enough. Try again.

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