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6 Best Ways to Get Paid Reviewing Clothes Online

6 Best Ways to Get Paid Reviewing Clothes Online

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Do you know that you can also get paid reviewing clothes online? Well, there are just some great sites that allow you to review clothes and get paid. These are pretty fun tips and can help you earn some free cash again. Your task is just to give reviews and categorize clothing items. But you can also get paid on that same site for listening to music, watching movie trailers, and providing some feedback. The companies listed below are legitimate and well-trusted.

So here are 6 Ways to Get Paid Reviewing Clothes Online:

1. Become a Clothing Influencer on Instagram

Being an influence on social media like Instagram is just like blogging and it is one of those ways to get paid reviewing clothes online. The difference is just that social media are just designed to provide fresh content. When you just continue posting you will start noticing that the right audience is getting engaged. The best way to notice that is through comments and reactions. To get started you just have to build up your following, presence and start sharing your favorite clothes. To earn money, you will need to get brand sponsorships because Instagram doesn’t allow you to link out to affiliates in your posts as so as Facebook. All I know is that they said it causes poor user experience.

Nonetheless, if you still have a large following, and can add the ‘swipe up’ feature in your Instagram stories. There, you will be able to link to the clothing you are promoting and inform your audience to use your special code at checkout. That special code is an affiliate code and the company will pay you a commission for the sale. And that is the only practical way for now.

2. Clickworker

This site offers several freelance jobs that are worldwide in translation, transcription, writing, web search and so much more. Depending on how much you want to earn, you can take tasks as long as you can. The more you work the more the payments. In addition, You can also get paid to classify fashionable items into suitable categories and get paid reviewing clothes online on Clickworker. Here is how these tasks work;

Clickworker also provides Infos like Items Name, item brand, a short description of the item target group, and perhaps the item link.

You will also classify pre-categorized items and your job is to reach the final level. You can also skim over the “i” button at the top right of the category image and a short text will appear. Once you have finished categorizing them, click on the “set data” tab and then save. It is a lot simpler than it sounds. It is as easy as looking at a photo and choosing the right category for that image. These tasks pay from $0.01 to $0.04 each at the moment and will show up in your “All Jobs” tab on the website. They pay their remote workers every week through your PayPal account.

3. Establish a Clothing Review Blog

What about blogging as a new idea?

Blogging can be your innovation and allow you to get paid reviewing clothes online by affiliate or dropshipping. If you love taking good pictures and dressing. This can start with just any type of fashion category. This is just a good choice and I also recommended this for those who love fashion. A clothing review blog can even push up to selling affiliate products especially if you have the right audience. Since you have the vision of the content you want to publish on your site and find it meaningful, start the blog. Your new vision is to dedicate it to topics about fashion and publish content relevant to clothing. The more hard work the more it works out faster.

The biggest idea here is to write reviews about different brands and try to make money through affiliates. For an intelligent startup, consider trying on clothes in the store instead of buying quantities of new clothes and also make sure to invest wisely. Take great and quality pictures in the dressing room and then publish your reviews on your blog. As an affiliate, you can link to the clothing on a retailer’s website and earn a commission for each item that sells through your unique tracking link. This video will help you better:

4. SlicethePie

Another website is Slicethepie will also pay you to view new clothing items including coats, shirts, skirts, blouses, jeans, and more, and write a short review about each clothing item that you view online. It is fun to do and gives you a chance to get paid reviewing clothes online by viewing new and upcoming styles before they are displayed in various department stores.

These particular tasks pay anywhere from $0.19 up to $0.50 per review. Slicethepie will pay you twice a week, every Tuesday and Friday via PayPal and they are also open to members worldwide. It is also great for teens who are at least 13 years of age. I made a video tutorial that you can watch below about reviewing clothing items for Slicethepie so that you can see exactly how it works. Please keep in mind that I have been a member for over 2 years now and I am just now getting clothing items to review.

Make sure that you log into your account regularly or check your emails for your invitation from Slicethepie Catwalk to review clothing items from home for extra cash.

5. Pin Favourite Clothes On Pinterest

With Pinterest, You can get paid reviewing clothes online by earning a commission on any of your sales made by any affiliate link. Be sure you take a good and clear snapshot. Your greatest skill is to provide attractive and clickable images that are worth clicking because no click equals no purchase. You can also link your affiliate program, you can link the Images of your favorite clothes to the clothes and make a sale.

This is how to pin an image on Pinterest:

6. Become a clothing photographer for Brands

One of the best ways to also get paid for reviewing clothes is to become a clothing photographer. Brands are looking for photographers to help get that job done. Check this video for more comprehension:

7. Start a YouTube Channel for Clothing Lovers

You can also start a channel to share the most relevant reviews about clothing as well as new designs. You will also need a good camera for this live clothing project. This idea can also shift to creating impactful outfits and so on. All the clothing lovers will start following and subscribing to your channel out there and they will also share the lovely ones. Share what outfits you have and how differently you can style them.

Watchers love seeing clothing fit on real people more than just looking at it on a mannequin. You will be making money through ads, affiliates links, or even sponsored posts.


Now that you know the best ways to get paid reviewing clothes, there’s no need to wait and all you have to do is to take action. Even an Instagram account can also get you to more customers to follow and purchase your Pinterest clothes.

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