Since when I saw you, I started developing generosity and kindness. Love you with all my heart…

Compassion is what I see, I also see love inside you.

Generosity is being noble in behavior and actions. It can also be defined as your willingness to give and share or live peacefully together with others no matter how they irritate you.

Generosity and kindness are one of the most important things when it comes to achieving happiness. It can help you gain trust from yourself and others. To develop generosity and kindness you must learn to love, understand, find enjoying everyone’s life without complaining.

Benefits of generosity:

Generosity and kindness can be beneficial in many ways. It even tends to bring inner peace and usually some spiritual gifts that most of us can’t identify. No matter the people you help, God will always pay you back for all actions. Generosity is important for associations, communication, and understanding. If everyone is generous, there will be peace. So here are some crucial benefits:

  1. People will love you
  2. You will be blessed
  3. They will easily share their problems with you
  4. Easily understand you
  5. Enjoy your presence and want you to talk
  6. They will rely on you
  7. Believe in you
  8. Help you out in times of trouble

So here are the most common tips to developing generosity and kindness:

1. Value people because they are humans

Why do you value others? If it’s because of your profits then you’re not generous at all. Generosity also tends to the logic of even building a better and healthier relationship. Why do you pay attention to him/her, is it because of money? Did you greet only the rich ones? Please check yourself.

When I traveled to Germany, I got a friend named Grüner. Well, we were discussing and discussing until he pushed the conversation into his relationship telling me that his girlfriend didn’t accept his proposal. She’s just not saying anything about it when she asks that stuff. And I ask him how many times did he call or message her a month, does he usually take his chances well, how did he express his love, I also later asked him what did she said or usually put on her WhatsApp status. He told me that she said that she will marry a guy that knows her value. He also proved that to me by showing me some screenshots of her conversations with other guys. But what I told him is that he’s done a lot of mistakes. Mistakes like;

  1. He didn’t value her family because they are poor
  2. He doesn’t respect his girlfriend
  3. He thoughts that his money can solve all problems
  4. He thoughts that money will bring peace into his relationship
  5. She will run after him because of his money
  6. He also pays attention to his business writing her once or twice a week.

She’s already proved that she doesn’t need his money. She needs you he values her, calls her, appreciates her, asks her questions, set time to meet, date nights…

When we come to face the world, you will meet different peoples. But generosity is also when you value and respect them. You don’t have to violate anyone’s dignity and try to be kind to everyone you meet on this journey. So add some actionable tips like;

  1. thank you,
  2. you’re pretty,
  3. dearie,
  4. My gee
  5. My honey
  6. hello sweetheart…

2. See good things everywhere

We all have discomfort zones. We have some peoples that we hate and don’t even want to see. People have violated and insulted us. That’s why we become angry and hate them but the fact is that separations and hate cause more problems.

Seeing good things everywhere here means always find something good about anyone you meet. If someone has hurt you, be careful about them. But never stop loving them. I know you understand that love is broad and there are different types of love. You won’t gain anything for hating people but you will gain a lot for loving and being aware of the kind of person they are.

3. Love everyone the way they are

To develop your generosity, try to Understand everyone’s opinions about life and how logical they think. Be kind enough to enjoy their ideas no matter how dumb they are. Just accept them enjoy them as they feel and do. This also means to value people the way they are.

4. Be simple and humble

Kindness also follows the same logic of humility. It is thinking of yourself less or having a low opinion of yourself. It is also remarkable to reduce your arrogance or proudness to become a generous person.

Let’s take a little look at South Africa’s best President Nelson Mandela who has a very big intellect of generosity.

One day, a rich man came to visit him. He asked the rich man if he came alone and he replied yes. After discussing and discussing until the time to make some meals. Then he excused the rich man for some minutes to invite the rich man’s driver to join them on the table. The rich man was surprised by the action of the president. After the meal, the driver was thanking his Boss for allowing him to eat with the president but his Boss told him that it was the president not him.

The only lesson here is to respect others and be rich in good works.

5. Developed listening skills

You also have to pay attention to others. For example, when someone is talking to you try to understand them so that they will be happy.

Well, this doesn’t mean that you won’t get rid of your mistakes. You must. So to become generous you must practice the act of kindness.

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