How to gain respect from friends


Respect is to feel, enjoy and admire someone just the way they are. You don’t need to make a lot of money to gain respect. But there are some specific ways to consider to earn respect. We all need this quality and achievement but some of our reactions and behaviors disqualify us from getting it. Here are some best ideas to work you out on gaining respect from your friends.

Be Gentle

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If you need respect you must learn to stay calm and enjoy your alone time simply because learning how to stay on your own will reserve you much more respect and value. You won’t get into public trouble quickly and easily. ”You didn’t talk or tell anyone about anything no one calls you into any useless trouble you don’t know”

Mind Your Business

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This means you don’t talk about what is not your concern or about what you’re not asked you keep your mouth shut until you have something important to say and by talking less you’ve said everything. Don’t just dive into or answer everything you are not asked. Whenever you sit down together with your friends just keep your calm don’t make noise. You should answer when you are called to.

Listen More

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Not only with relationships, but together with friends. Listen and compliment friends to earn their reverence. It’s very logical to listen to others and value their ideas. It makes them happy, confident, and more meaningful. It’s very true that no matter what they say, they will always have the right morality that’s why it’s a good idea to compliment them. Allowing others to say something makes them feel good. They will feel secured to ask you for advice on any of their decisions and will surely offer you a respectful approach.

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Be Straightforward

It’s very intelligent to live a life of clarity. Taking a clear action makes others understand you further and can be one of the most important reasons your friends will respect you. It’s also means that you must not give different answers to the same question. You should be direct with all your friends and let them know what you don’t like and like.

Wenever people find you trustworthy they will start confiding in you and reserve you a lot of esteem whatever you say. They will want to listen and understand whatever you want to say because you’re truthful and understand others’ feelings and won’t tell lies to hurt them. The only way you can stop telling lies is to talk less.

Hide Secrets

Whenever someone tells you their feeling, problem, or something private, please keep it to yourself to value them because they also valued you by revealing their weaknesses to you. Keeping it secret is very important to keep you out of trouble and boost your esteem.

Respect Yourself

Seeing yourself as an important person in this world is the best thing you will ever do. To gain respect you must look at yourself as a Messiah one who comes to help, inspire and change lives. That’s why you must be always busy and not always accessible.

By opening yourself to the world, with your hard works and sleepless nights your success will buy you honor especially when you spend time working on the most important things, you become rare or not too available and that’s when you become wanted.

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Be Responsible for Necessities

When living together with friends, there will always be some problems about money, relationships, gossip and so on. As a person that wants to earn respect, you must be able to solve problems in such a way that others can’t. Being responsible in most of your actions and maintaining your duties can be one of the best ways to gain respect. It is what qualifies you as a leader because you’re doing your duties. Be always valuable in most ways. Let’s say you have a party and most of your friends are broke, you sponsored everything to animate the party and help others. It’s undoubted that your friends will surely respect you.

Be Reliable

It’s a very nice suggestion to be dependable. It means that you’re independent and others can wait for you. Be direct and say what you feel. When you tell someone what you’re doing, let them come and see you doing what you said. The best way to be reliable is to keep your promise.

Be Humble

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No matter how estimated you are in society, some problems can’t be solved without humility. To gain respect you must learn to forget about your values and listen carefully. It will help you gain loyalty.

Create Your Lifestyle

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In other words, be yourself. Be unique in your ways. Be different in your styles. Don’t copy or do what others are doing feel free to be yourself and stand for your rules.

Having your unique style of living says much more about you not just accepting yourself. It means you are brave, strong, secure. You are just you and love yourself to be you.

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