Youtube is a video platform from google and You can find thousands and millions of videos. There is never an easy way but if you are serious you will surely make money with it. Video creators share their ideas from all over the world using Youtube and it doesn’t matter the type of video, you will always get someone interested in it.

Can you make money on youtube without creating videos?

Yes, But the only way you can do that is to re-use other creator’s content without corporate issues. YouTube has some videos that fall under the creative commons license and let’s allow you to publish and monetize them. If you find a video with the CC-BY license, you can use it or edit it before publishing.

How much money can 1M views generate from youtube?

1 million views can generate $3,400 to $40,000 depending on the niche and country traffic.

How many views can I have to make $100?

Creators usually get paid on banner or in-video ads. You find out in some videos that you must watch a video for 3 seconds or more before watching the required video. And that ads are monétised per click. Since creators get paid per click it is not just too sure that 10,000 views or more can make $100. What makes you make money quickly is the trust and reverence of your channel and ads that make viewers click on them. I can even assure you that 200 views can also generate $100 depending on the value of the cliques and the country it has targeted.

Here are some helpful tips to put you into making money on youtube:

Think of the type of youtube channel you want to create

What can I do those people will enjoy? Think about it. Comedy, teaching, singing, dancing… Know and study the types of topics you will be creating. Try finding out unique ideas about the same topics that others are not discussing. Sit down and think well about the type of video you want to upload that you are interested in.

It will take time to make a channel popular that is why you must choose what you want to be talking about every day. After getting a clear direction about what to do, Just start anyway.

Get started by creating the channel

Choose a niche and get the pieces of equipment to create a wonderful video so that people won’t think you’re joking. You can create a channel on your google account and make sure you get it a good and short name to roll.

Start uploading videos

As a new channel, you need to invest and upload your video. You must spend most time promoting your videos so to get viewers. Discover your topic and always make your video short and simple so that people won’t get tired of it.

Build your audience

This could be the best way to get a successful channel. It is the most important goal when it comes to creating a youtube channel because it is one of the most important things to get you into a position of monétizing your content. To build an audience you must be friendly, posting relevant and consistent blogs, and as well build trust.

There is a lot to consider when it comes to building an audience.

  1. The gender of your audience
  2. The age interval most of your viewers maintain
  3. The audience overall engagement or “watch time”
  4. Countries and cities people are watching from

What is engagement?

Engagement is when people value and are interested in your content. It is when people are commenting positively that your videos ate making sense and as well supporting them.

Post at least twice a week

If you only post videos once a month people will forget about you. You should motivate your fans that you love them watching your videos by continue uploading.

Ask viewers to subscribe

In all your videos make sure you tell viewers to consider subscribing and click the notification bell that they may be able to watch your future videos. Please always take tags, keywords, and video descriptions very important because it helps your video rank.

Monetize your videos

After working for some time consistently you can monetize your videos when you have a steady audience watching your videos. You need 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time to start earning money from youtube. If you work hard you will later become a youtube partner to earn more from ads.

Here are other advanced ways to monetize your videos:

  • Join the youtube partner program
  • License your content to be media
  • Work with brands as an influencer
  • Sell products
  • Use fan funding to allow audience support you

Do product reviews

Reviewing products is one of the best ways to make money on YouTube. You compliment and bring other people’s businesses to your audience which is very nice. The complimented product creators will surely reward you and you can also will that get engagement with other unknown people as same as providing affiliate links.

Pay attention to feedback and unhappy comments

Feedback will help you improve and know the type of topic your audience is willing to watch and the exact time to upload them. You can also place a donate link to let fans fund you.

Introduce affiliate products for commissions

You may decide to leave a product link in the description and if your audience admires you they will buy many products from your affiliate link. Big companies also offer great gifts for promoting their websites. Just start small because everything starts from zero.

Providing Sponsored Posts

You can also consider helping other small businesses get customers which in return brings you some dollars. But as we all know that you are communicating with real people with your channel, think deeply about any sponsored post because irrelevant posts might make you lose some subscribers as well as the channel reputation.

Sponsor a business that can do great cashback for your audience, get them a job, or other profitable business for your audience. Sponsor cashback.

What is Youtube premium?

It is a paid membership program that allows fans to watch and support their favorite content creators without ads. Creators can get paid with a youtube premium based on how viewers watch their content. So you can also earn from youtube premium and youtube ads at the same time.

In the final analysis

You can make money with YouTube in a very sensible manner. YouTube can make you much money if your followers are very interested in your content. Well-created content requires investments that is why you can include your website and affiliate products with reasonable revenue.

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