9 steps to start your own business as a teenager


Getting a job and trying to work for another man is what we’re taught. Laboring for another man doesn’t make you rich or brings any satisfaction but it just get you money to solve some problems. The fact is that most of us are well disciplined to work for another man but not for ourselves.

After getting a job you wake very early to go to work so that you won’t be fired up. To be successful, you must apply this same discipline when dealing with your own business. Dropping out from your employment or unemployed status, to starting your own business will never be an easy step because you going to risk it all to make the business alive.

Take A Progressive Move

This just means you should use wisdom. Business is not a game of emotion. It is a game of rules. It is an aspect that doesn’t recognize teacher, forgiveness, Mother, Father, friends, and… Never combine it with relationships or else you lose and damage your financial status simultaneously. If you jump into business with the illusion that it is easy, you will jump out exhausted. Those to take this seriously are people with families. Move progressively, do just quit your job to start your own business. Do the two at the same time, gather, and plan sufficiently to get much money that helps you survive in the outbreak of any disasters. Businesses are very dangerous and at the same time fortunate. Plan well!!!

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Don’t Make Excuses

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No excuse

When you say the money is not enough, it’s my Boss, it’s the economy, the country is bad and so on, you continue to waste time just try to start with anything you have and try to upgrade it. It is tough as hell to start a business with the money you get from a job because it’s never enough. How much do you have? How do you start? Where do you start from?

Be Patient

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To scrub on this logic again, I just add endurance. Since you will be planning and generating some money to start your business, keep your sufferance. Continue gathering and investing your money. It will take time, have the desire.

Choose Your Business Wisely

Discovering your business will bring you to a very tough reflection. You might try the first, second and third before getting a business that works perfectly for you. Choose the business that makes you happy or what you love selling. If the business can make you more money, you will definitely be happy. Be aware of mistakes, Don’t give up.

Plan Your Business

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Set goals. When you start investing in buying and selling some stuff. Just go maintaining patience when setting goals. Establish then by categories and periods. Short term, middle term, and long term. You can also set dates and reminders for your plans so that you don’t forget them. Let’s say you are selling bags presently, you can set a goal that in the next three months you will add shoes and… Your goal will help you grow and recognize your level.

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Find Out Experts Of Your Business

In every business, there are always experts but they will never tell you their secrets.  This people can set you on the way with some advises, As an intelligent person, there are some questions they may answer that can help you if you can think better for yourself.

Learn To Invest The Amount You Have

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Knowledge is power. If you know more than the rest you can earn more than them. Knowing how to start a business with how much you have is the most helpful skill. Someone can start a business with 200$ and get profit more than the other investing 400$. If you ask how?? The secret is knowledge.

Find Out If The Market Needs Your Product

Do market analysis. Find out those making it in a particular place and follow their steps. To avoid business crashes you must find out if your business can profitable in your area. Business workout depends sometimes on your environment. The purpose of business is to provide a valuable product. To fulfill that you must do extraordinary analysis.

  • What do people leave your street to buy far away?
  • How do you provide it?

Start Small When Trying Your Plan

Bill gate quoted that ” big wins require big risks ” but this logic has a big limit because you can only take risks wisely. There are different types of investment strategies depending on their nature. Don’t get me wrong because you have your secret to discover inside you. Look for it, get it, and use it” We all believe that failure exists but don’t be a fool, seek knowledge!!!

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