How To Stop Envying People

how to stop envying people

We have been talking about self-improvement so far and discovered that another way to improve your quality of life is to Stop envying others. Most of us are struggling to get over this feeling of envy so that we can purify our minds and remain satisfied in our souls but the best way to start getting over envy is to just be accept anything and accept life.

What is envy?

Envy is a resentful desire for something possessed by another or others. This is usually of material possessions and also a feeling that can lead to hate, enmity, ill-feeling.

Why do I usually envy people?

Most of the reasons why we envy are when someone took a position that we are striving for. When they took a position we are dreaming about or when someone we look down to becomes great or someone we see as nothing and underestimate becomes our Boss that is where envy comes from. Sometimes when someone that we are better than just becomes excellent. We usually envy people when we want to take their place.

Where does envy come from?

As we have touched on what envy is and how we can stop envying people, envy can just get inside us from situations like;

  1. When your daughter and the adopted daughter in your family are in the same class and the adopted one is doing better than yours
  2. When your broke EX is now making money then your present boyfriend/girlfriend
  3. When your junior brother get married before you
  4. Your friend got thumbs up and views more than you on social media
  5. When your junior sister’s boyfriend is doing better than yours…

So how do you stop envying others:

1. Have A Clear Hearts

To stop envying others and get over any feeling of hate, is to maintain a clear and peaceful mind. You have to say no to any thoughts of evil that come to your mind to release yourself from any feeling of enmity. Don’t be a hater but be free to love and admire other peoples people’s progress. Use love to enjoy whatever situation you are in and keep working hard and expecting something better. Appear to yourself like a blessing and seriously delete anything inside you that is related to feeling displeasure or hatred towards someone for their good fortune or possessions to witness this clear heart.

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2. See Yourself Great

The art of seeing yourself great can impact your life in a very positive way. It will help you overcome any kind of hatred and selfishness. It will reserve a very big place of respect and self-worth. When you see yourself great you feel better and unique. That is the goal of everyone because you are not competing with anyone except yourself. Having a possessive mindset will lead to greatness and satisfaction in one’s life. A great person doesn’t have anything like envy within him because he is better than anything he sees. So start treating yourself with respect because you are a champion. Being great has nothing to do with becoming famous on social media or whatever it’s all about how you treat yourself. It just has to do with the way you treat yourself and handle things as well as the way you enjoy your company.

3. Love Everyone And Everything

To do this always see good things everywhere and always see all your setbacks as opportunities especially to improve your life. Even if you just discover this feeling of jealousy or envy try to replace it with love and affection which will give you peace of mind and help you grow faster.

4. Be Satisfied With Your Life

Enjoy your present with all your possession. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take the risk that you can take but means to appreciate yourself for all that you have achieved so far. To experience this satisfaction, increase your joy with some lovely smile which will improve the value of your face. Be confident in yourself because it is one of the champions of success.

5. Love Yourself For Who You Are

Let’s say everyone has a car and only you don’t and this is not because you are lazy or unlucky it is just a matter of time. If you are planning your life and others are busy doing what they like with their life, you will be proud in your future for your choice. All you have to do is to love yourself and learn good habits. I recommend you invest your income instead of spending it. We will also talk about investing your income in the future because it is very essential when planning a better future. Always rejoice and pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

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6. Accept Yourself

Now you just have to take life day by day and be grateful for the little things. Accept whatever position life put you in and never get caught up in what you can’t control. Accept yourself and make the best of yourself. Please also remember that it’s not about being perfect because perfection itself doesn’t exist we must continue to improve ourselves all the days of our lives. So if we lose something, what is coming is better than what is gone.

7. Worry Less

Don’t worry about what happens to someone’s life. Be calm and patient even if everyone around you is doing better. Try to control yourself and remember to be honest and confident in all your endeavours.


Envy doesn’t take you anywhere it just brings bad ideas into your mind. Envy can also spoil the beauty of your soul. Question yourself why you should be sad about someone’s success? Why do you want to see others down? It is just bad and useless to be envious because it might cause you some dangerous actions that I’m afraid you pay more than you can afford. So the best thing is to live your life and remember as I’ve said earlier that you are not competing with anyone except the person you were before. So organize your inner strength to confidently overcome that feeling of envy with love.

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