As a student, you will always need some money to buy some things that you really want but lack. Maybe sometimes in school, your friends get some shoes that you don’t have which is very a serious problem for you that makes you know the importance of money. It doesn’t really matter what you want to use the money for but here are some ways to make some extra cash.

First of all, let me tell you that you can get a job on google with the link

They have thousands of jobs and are still looking for employees so if you have the documents demanded you can just get something in return. It is worldwide and they have offices around the world.

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Take Surveys Online For Extra Money

Subways are one of the easiest ways to make some pocket money. It is fast and more effective which makes the money easier gotten and faster. You are just giving your opinion on websites and apps. Places and Foods plus maybe other companies research. To start making money with a subway you should sign up on:

  • Swagbucks is one of the most popular websites to earn extra money. You can also earn money by playing games, watching fun short videos like ads, trying out apps and products, and …
  • Survey Junkie is also a popular survey website but just doesn’t have the intention that it works worldwide. You can also be taking some surveys, participate in focus groups to earn points and try some products. That points should be later converted to Paypal cash and maybe Giftcard.
  • Paid Viewpoint it’s a great website if you wish to earn some earning pocket money! All their surveys are fairly short, and there’s always a daily survey.
  • OneOpinion is the same as others and gives a lot of subways to answer for points to redeem for your cash too. You will just join and answer some questions for fast cash.

Website Testing

Big businesses are always looking for people to test their websites and some buttons on them to see how it is doing and to help them know how and what to improve about their website. Some companies will pay you for testing and writing reviews on their websites like

  • UserTesting

    You can perform a test for a website using UserTesting. These tests are usually 10-25 minutes and you can make anywhere from $10 per test.

  • Betatesting You will also be testing websites and apps on this platform and you must be able to explain the problems in very good grammar.

Watch Ads / Videos Online

There are some ads running websites that pay people for watching them and inviting friends. These websites receive payments from big companies to bring customers to their businesses. There will always be a company advertisement that pleases you and which you want to sign up for. If you are interested in watching ads go to

  1. Qmee : Qmee is a website where you can get paid for multiple tasks. Qmee pays for viewing ads! Install their browser and start surfing.

  2. Inbox Dollars

    There are many ways to earn money online with Inbox Dollars such as surveys, reading emails, playing games, and watching videos.

Micro Jobs

Micro jobs are just like data entry or tagging things. It is also a transcribing task with voice listening and writing tasks. To get these types of jobs go:

  • Amazon Mechanic Turk will provide tasks like transcription, categorization, writing, and more. It is necessary to be at least 18 years old to apply for those tasks.
  • Fiverr

    Helps you sell your skills and expertise by selling or trading your passions as gigs at your own prices. Maybe you could write something short? teaching an instrument? Selling a professional Ebook? Designing an image? Or create a few Pinterest pins? It all to you. Fiverr has thousands of tasks for those who are ready.

Review Music

Everyone loves music. Maybe you have different nature of musical taste that others don’t admire. On Slice The Pie you will earn money for listening to the pieces of music and writing down how you feel about them. You must be up to 18 to take advantage and will earn between $0.05 – $0.20 per snippet reviewed. They also offer weekly payouts through Paypal.

Launch a dropshipping business

Dropshipping is one of the best side hustle job ideas. It helps you sell a product directly to the customer without having to buy any inventory. This investment is wise because depending on how focused you are, you can earn up to $500 per month. You don’t need to have a big startup costs budget, keeping your risk low. The manufacturer not only sends the inventory but also ships it directly to the customer for you. Your main focus should be marketing and customer service as long as you will be.

Writing Jobs

Writing is one of the most valuable skills on the internet. To develop a better website you must learn how to write good grammar and that is why you can get paid for it. There are plenty of people who will pay you to write blog posts, product descriptions, social media posts, and … You can get writing jobs from Fiverr, WordPress, and Upwork. You just have to sign up and check the job category for writing and that’s all.

Buying And selling

You can just purchase a product or software just because you want to resell. This could be a little bit risky if you don’t have friends, an audience, or who to sell to. You can just purchase an iPhone headphone and resell them to your friends at school and the market for your profits. There are some digital products that when you buy one, you can resell it thousand times because you are the owner of the new product.

Customer Service Jobs

If you like providing services you could be a good Customer service rep. This means you will be trying to understand why some customers are not happy with a specific product or service. You will help customers with any issues they are having like issues with their orders, payment, and more. Your mission is to make customers happy and satisfied with the services the company has provided and that’s why U-Haul pays $10 per hour to rep.

Online Tutoring

There are many types of tutoring blogs everywhere on the internet. It is one of the best ways to start a purpose as a student but you will be investing in researches on ideas and investing in software to create your audio or video. It is not bad if you are patient because if you are not, you will give up before you start making it. It is a very cute way to create value for yourself. You can teach anything and whatever you think you’ll be doing without getting tired. Either you do your coaching on youtube and Tiktok or any other website you find, it just your choice.

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