4 Best Places To Find Real People Who are Interested In Buying Bitcoins

4 Best Places To Find Real People Who are Interested In Buying Bitcoins

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You find real people who are interested in buying Bitcoins all over the internet. If you have Bitcoin and want to sell you have to be very careful about some important things;

  • The person that you want to sell your Bitcoin to; Please be careful. The scamming is getting worse and worse every time. Scammers are many everywhere all around the Internet with scam websites fake numbers ID’S and so on. Social media companies have been fighting to solve those problems for decades but aren’t still satisfied because of the daily reports.
  • The address you are sending your Bitcoin to After knowing and getting your payments from the person, try to check and look carefully at the address. Copy and paste the address carefully and look well that you are sending your bitcoins to the right person before sending. If you mistakenly send your money to another address, the help Center might be late in their replies which means that the person you sent the money to might have cashed out your money already which means there is nothing the customer rep can do about it at that moment. That just means that your money is gone. Check the address properly.

Since Bitcoin is money, most people today are interested in it. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that most people still don’t know about till today but they just know it is something like money or trading stuff.

If you start getting interested in Bitcoin it will be difficult to find people interested in it depending on the area you live. If you use Coinbase or Blockchain and find out that Bitcoin is not tradeable in your area, you can find people interested in buying it all over the internet. This business of finding people you want to sell Bitcoin for online is risky because you must be smart enough to spot a scam website or other sorts of scams from individuals and so on. This will lead you to a personal reflection on how you can handle your money.

My experience with bitcoin in earlier 2019, is that most people don’t know about it but today that Bitcoin mining software and websites are much it is getting more and more popular. However, I will advise you not to invest your money into anything like a mining website unless you find out some relying pieces of information from forums like and reviews from external websites like YouTube and Trustpilot.

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How do you sell your Bitcoin?

You need to, first of all, be very careful not to send your money first. Especially if you use telegram you will meet many people who will be encouraging you to invest in their business and earn 300% of your investment in the next month or so. Please if you are someone like me that loves easy things hold your neck tight and keep your calm. Never invest your money with those people they are thieves because after collecting the payment they might even block you.

Most of those people in telegram also create some scam websites to manipulate you into thinking you will earn something but be wise enough to know that the easy way doesn’t exist. Don’t sell your Bitcoin for someone when they haven’t sent you your money first because not everyone will be kind and if you meet the wrong person your money is gone.

Here are 4 Places to find real people who are interested in buying Bitcoin:

1. Facebook Groups

Since Facebook has become popular, it can be one place to get real people who are interested in buying Bitcoins expecting in the Facebook groups. The company has been working to improve social networking and engagements. If you don’t have a Facebook account you can just go to their website and create one.

Facebook groups can be one of the best places to find people that are interested in buying bitcoins. I have sold and done business with 20 people in the United States and Canada who have made me accomplish my goals. I sold bitcoins in return for PayPal money and since I find those people trustworthy I decided to stick with them. So you will find people on a Facebook group by just putting in this keyword in the search bar: “Bitcoin Buyers ” “Bitcoin Sellers and Buyers ”

2. Exchange Websites

I have also tried and got some reliable websites that facilities exchanges. They are also Businesses that are created by real people who are interested in buying Bitcoins. If you want to sell or buy, these local Bitcoin websites are good at that and I have sold with them and received my payments.

I also for sure went to forums and read reviews about them to find out that they are authentic. You will first create an account and also verify your account with your ID’S before you can access these tips. After your account has been verified you will see the sell and buy button on their homepage and if you have any problems the customer rep is always online except Saturdays and Sundays.

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You can exchange your Bitcoins for cash on websites like:

  1. Localbitcoins
  2. Bitso

3. Reddit Forums

Reddit forums are also places on the internet to get real people who are interested in buying Bitcoins. In this bitcoin Forums, you can sell anything you want to sell in exchange for bitcoins. There are thousands of marketers and Buyers in the group. People usually post what they want to sell if others are interested they comment on their post and that’s where business starts.

You can also make use of the search bar to get and join the kinds of forums and groups you want o to participate in. I have never sold on Reddit before but I visit Reddit almost every day to read memes.

4. Paypal

With Paypal, you can buy, sell and hold crypto with confidence. If you have a Paypal account before, now you can exchange your bitcoins for your preferred currency since PayPal is almost all over the world. I will leave a video on how to exchange a cryptocurrency into dollars below:

Quick notice:

If you want to sell your Bitcoin to someone you don’t know or can’t meet be careful about it. if you feel a kind of distrust tell him to send the cash first before you send your bitcoins but if he refuses then leave the deal. It is not important to force someone to buy your bitcoins since the websites listed so far can help you exchange your bitcoins for cash.


Now that you know the places to get real people who are interested in buying Bitcoins, you can choose people with who you do business wisely. I seriously recommend Paypal for those in the US and Canada.

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