7 profitable websites for online hustles in 2021


When it comes to making money online there are two types of income which are active and passive. With the active income, you are just working and earning but with the passive, you invest into creating something that earns you money over time. But money is what we all want even the richest man in the world wants it too so don’t think making it will be easy.

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This website is a place where many businesses look for services and this website is all about active income because someone gets you a job and after doing it you get paid. It is a freelancing website that accepts a thousand services like designing, writing, creating logos, websites, and so on. to get started go to upwork.com sign up and offer services based on your skills.

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ClickBank is a global internet retailer and affiliate marketplace. The company has more than six-million clients worldwide which secured it in becoming the 87th largest Internet retailer in North America. it is an affiliate marketing website that offers products for a commission. If you have a website or Facebook page with a lot of followers you can earn up to 1000$ a day. All you have to do is to think of the best products for your audience. Anyone can become a Clickbank affiliate because it’s free. When you find a product that you wish to promote, either by searching the marketplace or at a vendor’s website, you will be provided with a unique link that you can use to direct customers to the product page. go to clickbank.com and start selling.

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If you can take wonderful images congratulation because this is for you. With Shutterstock, you can sell images and impressive images. You can sell an image for up to 10$ so don’t think it will just be an image. They also sell digital media such as music, video clips, animation memes, and so on. If you can create amazing videos it is good for you. You can not just at two or three images you really need to continue uploading to make more money.



Fiverr is a freelancing website like Upwork too and it is a safe and secured place to get customers to your business and services. If you can translate languages, write, create blogs, and do other jobs. If you can teach them anything instrument, hot to sing, sell, cook, solve math homework for students…..



We all know youtube as a big company. It is also part of google’s business that offers free video. To make money on youtube you need to work hard for a little longer period of time and depend on the video you upload. If you can upload contents that people really want to watch you can make money on youtube. The longer the videos the more money you can make and the pleasure of youtube is that your video will continue to make you money all the days of your life. The more views and subscribers with Youtube boost your channel to generate more revenue for Passive income.


Amazon is a big company that has many brands. You can sell your products on Amazon and I mean anything. The beauty of Amazon is that it takes your product to a public place like for example when you upload your book on Amazon KDP you can continue to earn money with that same book all the days of your life. They take care of your money handling for a lifetime. If you can write a book and convert it to Ebook you can make money with that book when anyone orders for it.

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If you want to make money online and don’t know anything about it, you will have been working for a scam website for a long period of time. Don’t waste time on a scam website and it is very important to control your emotions because nothing is easy To make money online you need to invest in creating something you have that people need. Forget about the easy ways and start working hard.


Telicaster Esty

Etsy is the place to sell your products. It is a very easy website to sell a shop. It may feel a little overwhelming because there are a lot of competitors on the website. You can add jewelry, bags, clothing, home décor and furniture, toys, art, as well as craft supplies and tools to their marketplace for buyers.

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