Tips to say no in a polite way


It’s always extremely difficult to say no especially when you’re inferior to the interrogators but the fact is that it is not just impossible. Indeed, most people won’t understand your opinion when you say no particularly those older or more educated than you might be trying to prove you wrong in one way or the other. But the truth is you don’t need to be someone bigger or better to make a choice and that’s why you must learn to say no in a polite way.

Just say it!!

One of the best ways to do it is to just try. It’s not in front of everything that we should use emotion but we must also consider our options and ideas. We must be aware that no one cares if we didn’t make it and that’s why there shouldn’t be any reasons why we can’t decide. The fact is that whatever happens to you is your fault. Be wise enough to say what you think. Let’s say, for instance, you only have one phone that you’re using and your friend wants you to borrow him that same phone and when you say no, you become a wicked individual, you’re hated. Let’s say after lending it to your friend, it gets spoilt, all that he or she has to say is sorry which won’t solve any problem.

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  • If you can’t say no:
  • People will ride on you
  • They will cheat you
  • They will mess up with you
  • They will control you

There is no big deal. Talk your mind and be free. It’s not wickedness but that’s the only way you can be honest with yourself.

  • Sorry sir, I can’t
  • Thank you but I’m not interested
  • Nope, thank you
  • Nah, please
  • I’m sorry but no…

Please, be yourself and talk your mind.

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