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Top 20 Ways You Can Make Money as a Teenager

Top 20 Ways You Can Make Money as a Teenager

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Are you looking for ways you can make money as a teenager?  These tips are just things you can do even when you just get back from school. You will enjoy making money online especially when you are young because these tasks are just watching ads, searching the Internet, play games, giving your opinions, downloading apps, and answering some questions. Most of these tasks don’t require skills like that I am very sure that you will enjoy them.

However, most of these companies pay through PayPal because it is one of the most common online accounts for payment and as well as gifts cards. I am not sure you care about it but I know you need money and say again that most of these tasks are very simple and interesting to do.

Many sites will even enable you to get started today and others will pay you cash daily. Generously, I love that daily payment So if you have a computer in your home or access to one, take advantage of these changes that will earn you some much-needed cash for the summer.

Here are the top 20 ways you can make money as a teenager:

1. Music Xray

This site pays you to listen to music after signing up. These are just new songs for 30 seconds. Pays you $0.10 for every song you listen to. Deal?

2. Paid Viewpoint

Pays you for taking mini polls online on various subjects. Must be at least 13. Pays via PayPal.

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3. Qmee

Using Qmee is one of the ways you can make money as a teenager because it pays for browsing the Internet and visiting various websites. Pays you from a few cents up to a dollar per click. Their payments are also daily pay via PayPal.

4. Postloop

Posting on different forums or comment is part of those ways you can make money as a teenager. Postloop rewards cash daily for commenting on other people’s blogs and expressing how you feel about it. Takes less than 24 hours to get your account approved. Can work as much as you want whenever you wish.

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5. Fiverr

With Fiverr, you sell your skill online. You also get paid cash to do a variety of random tasks for others online including singing a song, design logos, create video testimonials and anything you can think of. It is also one of the best ways you can make money as a teenager as a freelancer trading your skills and experience.

6. Slicethepie

Earning to listen to music and review clothes online is also part of those ways you can make money as a teenager. If you have a lovely taste for music, you will like Slicethepie. They pay twice a week.

7. Cash Crate

Get free cash when you take surveys, watch videos, sign up for free offers and so much more. Must be at least 13 years of age.

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8. The Forum Wheel

This website will pay to comment on forums. As related to Postloop where you also get paid to post on various forums and discuss your favourite topics. Payment is daily.

9. Bing Rewards

To maximize your earnings just change your default search engine to bing. You will be earning rewards just to search on Bing.

10. Checkout51

This app will also give you cash to upload your grocery receipts online. They also give away $500 every week to one of their members. Free to sign up.

11. Perk

Get paid to search on their browser, download their various apps, inviting your friends, shopping online and completing simple tasks.

12. InstaGC

InstaGC is also fun and gets you paid for listening to the radio online, watch videos, visiting and browsing websites and so much more! They also offer multiple ways you can make money as a teenager online.

13. Humanatic

Get paid cash to listen to calls and sort them into various categories. But no experience is needed and just easy to understand. You can hustle whenever you want. Pays weekly via PayPal.

14. Swagbucks

Get paid to visit different websites, search the Internet, play games, watch popular videos, take surveys and much more. You get free SB that you can redeem for cash when you purchase from their trusted partners and with high cashback rates even 50%. Taking tasks on Swagbucks is also one of those ways you can make money as a teenager.

15. YouTube

Establishing a YouTube channel can also be one of the intelligent ways you can make money as a teenager, earn passive and consistent income. Upload and publish original videos to your channel about what you love to those that are interested to watch you is the only goal to fulfill. You can make money with them by allowing ads to run alongside your videos. You can even post affiliated links it’s up to you.

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16. iBotta

Get paid to scan and upload your receipts when you shop, go out to eat, to the movies and so much more! Smartphone apps are available on Google Play and iTunes.

17. Blogging

Start and create your blog or website on practically any subject that interests you. You can monetize your blog with affiliate companies like Link Share, CJ, Panthera Network, Google Adsense, Infolinks and others.

18. Ebates

Get paid to shop online. This company will send you cash back in the form of a check in the mail quarterly. Over 1,500 stores participating including eBay, Amazon, Groupon, Walmart, Old Navy and more! You can also get free coupons on this site.

19. Survey Savvy

Before the last, Survey Savvy is also a legitimate survey panel that teens can use to earn extra cash from home taking online surveys in their spare time. This company will send you a check in the mail.

20. Opinion Outpost

Earn cash daily by taking surveys and giving your opinions on several subjects.


These ways you can make money as a teenager surely interest you?  I think they are part-time and easy things to do when you’re back from school. They are fun and worth doing. Making money or staying broke is just your choice and I wish you take the right decision. Cheers!

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