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7 Top Sites To Sell Used Clothes For Cash Online

7 Top Sites To Sell Used Clothes For Cash Online

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There are many sites to sell used clothes for cash online but we will focus today on the top sites to sell used clothes. Maybe you just need cash, clear up your room, need fresh air, but selling sell used clothes for cash online can also be one of those fastest ways to make some money on the web. It can also be one of the ways to get your wardrobe updated, maintain a good-looking room, and for sure the cash is never separated.

We all buy clothes and get tired of using most of them after wearing them for a long time. This post is just focusing on the way you can share the clothes you want for some income instead of throwing them away. If you are a teenager selling your used clothes is one of the best ways to get some money and make sure you are not a money spender but an investor.

The funniest thing is that after looking at those clothes in your wardrobe, you still have nothing to wear. Well today, it is very easy to start selling clothes and not only used clothes but can also change it to a business too. Below are listed sell used clothes for cash online:

1. eBay

You can list almost anything on the eBay marketplace and they charge you 10% on all sales (plus a 35p listing fee for any listings over the free monthly allowance of 1,000). It is the most popular marketplace on the internet with up to a million visits daily. eBay is good to sell your product but you might have a little bit of problem with the cloth or whatever not getting sales on time. To get rid of that you should find out the business that is moving or products that people are buying and looking for every day. eBay is one of those best sites to sell used clothes for cash online.

Notice that you can list your clothes to the market in two ways either ‘Buy It Now’ which means that your given prices arent negotiable or ‘starting bid’  Which brings your product a negotiable price and can give access to customers to your clothes for the less price.

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2. Vinted

Buyers are charged a fee and depends on what you want but Vinted is a free place to start selling your clothes. This marketplace has millions of users and can also give you the possibility to sell used clothes for cash online. To start or list your product, upload it, set the fee, and package things off when they’re sold.

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Vinted has a slightly older target audience and you are likely to get sales faster depending on the product you’re selling. You should list an attractive product or clothes on the marketplace to get people more engaged with you. Women’s dresses and Bags are sold faster and also depends on the way it looks equals the way it bought on time.

3. Depop

Depop is one of the best websites to buy and sell used clothes for cash online but vintage and quirky items sell best on it. It looks like Instagram and is very easy to get started. After signing up you can upload a picture of your item in the usual square format and supply other information like the condition and description of whatever you’re selling. Maybe you add to contact and social media if you wish to be contacted. Depop also gives you the option to set the prices and select the item size.

It again feels like a huge upgrade with all its extra features and the ability to really personalize your shop. It is awesome and user-friendly. This whole approach is so easy and I’ve already listed more than I thought I would. The company gets a 10% charge on all sales (plus a 35p listing fee for any listings over the free monthly allowance of 1,000). You can also become an affiliate marketer or buy an item.

4. ASOS Marketplace

ASOS Marketplace is the best for clothing entrepreneurs and charges £20 a month, plus a 20% commission. This company is good for those who want to start a business and looking for customers. It is best if you want to be faithful sell used clothes for cash online.

After signing up, apply for a boutique and be sure that they’ll only consider you if you make your own unique clothing. Don’t just take and upload clothes you don’t own or design yourself because it will not offer you a better reputation and people will think you are joking. As I talked about it before, ASOS Marketplace is for serious, determined, and passionate workers who are willing to sacrifice and work hard to create a better business. To establish yourself as an independent fashion label, create a large selection of high-quality vintage garments and always update your store.

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5. Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook marketplace has something interesting and wonderful that I don’t really understand. It has the ability and quality of getting the best audience and customers in your local area when ads are bought or a product is promoted. It is completely free and anyone can use it to upload their items and share on Facebook selling groups. There are many Facebook groups that allow you to sell used clothes for cash online.

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In the marketplace, many people from different places all around the world are sharing their products but all you have to do is to focus on nearby groups as there will be groups from your local area or country of residence. On the Facebook marketplace, customers can easily contact you. Also, your items are introduced to people near enough and help buyers give their personal complaints or feedback privately. It is also the best place to find new people and sell used clothes for cash online.

6. Rebelle

Rebelle charges depending on the price of what you are selling and charges from 17% – 33% commission on any specific thing you alresdy sold. You can sell well-designed clothes on this website speedily at a very impressive price. They regularly verify the quality of the cloth to be sure you are not deceiving them.

If you are looking to put this into work and sell used clothes for cash online you can also try it out. You should better choose the option of letting the company handle the sales because it reduces stress and they themselves get the job done but you will be charged on any item sold and that’s only what could be a problem. You should choose the option of letting them handle the sales if you have a lot of items because this can save you time to invest in other things and you make passive income from your other projects too.

7. Preloved

This is a place where you can sell your clothes online locally and what I love is that it is very free. To post more pictures you just have to watch some ads and even some of your profiles when your free time is over. It is very popular in the UK with Thousands of millions of audiences which can be very good for anyone around in the UK. The most important thing is to fill your profile with the right information to make people trust and willing to buy from you. Preloved can be a great choice for you in the UK to sell used clothes for cash online.


It is a cool idea to sell your clothes to earn some extra cash, so if you have garbage or clothes you are not interested in wearing consider selling them on these top sites to sell used clothes. Have you ever tried any of these methods? What do you think?

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