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14 Interesting Ways To Make Money Searching the Internet

14 Interesting Ways To Make Money Searching the Internet

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Maybe you might be someone curious about making money through internet searches or finding the ways to make money searching the internet. These companies are legit that payout for your searches and the more you search, the more you earn.

When you think of getting paid to search the internet as a scam, I just want to tell you the truth that there are some trustworthy companies that are still paying their users for their search and data.

You have to understand that you will be working on these websites as a search engine evaluator, and you will work for companies like yahoo, bing, and google.

The reason why you search and earn is that most companies want to know what people need the most and especially the young people. Well if you get paid to search the internet, there are also ads that they show you so that they can fulfill your payment.

Moreover, you will be focusing on giving your reviews about the search results or rating the search results, you can even recommend whatever meaningful thing you think can improve each companies user experience. The most important thing is to do your job well so that you will have the opportunity of getting more jobs as well as making more money.

However, we struggle hard to satisfy you and that is why we might gain reward when you sign up on any of these websites below, and trust me none of our commission will negatively impact your earnings.

They don’t get discouraged because you can earn from $1 to $50, please let me be honest with you that some tasks are easy while others are manipulating or tricky.

If you love to make money searching the internet, below are 12 interesting ways to make money searching the web:

 1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the most popular ways to make money by searching the internet. For me, I love Swagbucks so much because there are always new surveys every day to earn more SB. To make money searching the internet, you just have to download the Swagbucks chrome extension. Just have in mind that you must have an account to connect your chrome extension.

How much can you earn with Swagbucks?

You can earn $25- $100 per month. You can also get a $5 bonus for referring a friend.

Swagbucks Payment method: Prepaid Visa cards, PayPal, and gift cards.

Also, they post swag codes every day that are worth different amounts to help you earn points. It’s an easy way for you to make more money with the program.

You can start making money on Swagbucks by doing tasks such as surveys, shopping, watching videos, and searching on the web. The website is very easy to navigate.

Everyone can work on Swagbucks as it doesn’t require any personal experience to answer surveys and make use of their website to do research even about what you want to shop.

One of my favorite ways to make money with Swagbucks is by watching the videos. There are different categories for you to watch such as sports, fitness, and food. Swagbucks has videos for everyone. The lowest amount of cash that you can receive is $25. You get that by redeeming 2500 Swagbucks.

Also, the Swagbucks browser extension gives you search results from Yahoo instead of Google.

2. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is one of the most reliable ways you can make money searching the internet. I have been using the Inboxdollars for a while and can also say that it is an authentic website to make some free cash online not only by searching the web but there are also by a lot of tasks you receive through your email.

What I also love is that they pay good money for the tasks like reading emails, signing up for offers, watching videos, and leaving reviews. You can join Inboxdollas for free and make money searching the internet minimum payout is $30 and you can also earn that within a week.

How much can you earn with InboxDollars?

You will get a $5 sign-up bonus immediately and can earn $10 instantly with Inboxdollas, especially through the tasks they send through your email address.

Inboxdollars Payment method: Prepaid Visa cards, PayPal, gift cards, sending a check

3. Appen And Lionbridge

Appen and Lionbridge are companies that also help you to make money searching the internet. They hire people like you and me to evaluate search engine results. After signing up, your work is to analyze and figure out the best search result for any or each search term given.

With these websites, you will be working as a subcontractor to ensure that search engines such as Yahoo and or Google present the most relevant search results in the SERPs(Search engine result pages).

How much can you earn with Appen And Lionbridge?

  • With Appen, you can make $3-$13 per hour
  • With Lionbridge, you can also earn a sum of$6-$16 per hour

Payment methods:

  • Appen payment method is Payoneer and PayPal
  • Lionbridge payment method is Bank Transfer and Paypal
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As we all know that all companies have their rules, you will also be accepting their privacy and policies which you will read on their sign-up page before getting started with the job.

4. Ask Wonder

AskWonder is also another company to make money searching the internet. The company hires experienced researchers to look up the answers to queries and also write reports for clients.

Your job here is to find a good answer through the web for any topic given. You will know how much you’ll make per task even before the research. Just know that the pay varies depending on the question you’re assigned for.

According to their website, the question difficulty is what determines the amount of payment. So simple questions will earn you about $8 and as it goes more and more complex price increases up to even $35.

How much can you earn with AskWonder?

You can earn up to $15-$25 per hour.

Payment method: Paypal

Getting started on the website is not that hard. If you want to start working on the website, you just have to click the “Become A Researcher” at the top right-hand corner of the website. And after that, you just fill out the required forms to get started.

However, you will have to take and pass a test, along with three practice requests and then you’re ready to start. It’s not that easy to make money searching the internet with Askwonder.

5. MobileXpression

MobileXpression uses member Internet searches to give feedback to companies and that’s why we’ve listed it under the ways to make money searching the internet. With MobileXpression, the more you search the more you earn.

It’s so easy to use your phone to make money searching the internet and with MobileXpression, you just use your phone to search as you normally would. All you have to do is to install the app and start doing research with it.

How much can you earn with MobileXpression?

They give away anywhere from $100 to $100,000 in sweepstakes contests. The more you search, the more sweepstakes entries you get.

Payment method for MobileXpression: Paypal, gift cards

6. ZoomBucks

ZoomBucks is also another way to make money searching the internet. I can say this website is undoubtedly another way to earn extra cash for there are tasks like surfing the web, answering questions, watching videos, and so on.

How much can you earn with Zoombucks?

With Zoombucks you can earn at least $5 per month.

Payment method: Gift Cards and Paypal

After completing a specific task you earn points that you can redeem for real cash. According to Trustpilot which is a review platform the company has a rating of 4/5.

7. Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Rewards can also help you to make money searching the internet. You will earn points searching with the bing search engine and redeem them for cash. There are also other ways to earn points like when you browse the web, shop at the windows and Microsoft stores.

How much can you earn with Microsoft Rewards?:

You can earn $9 to $10 per month depending on the number of searches made and tips purchased.

Payment method: Xbox games, subscriptions, and gift cards

When you shop at the Microsoft store, you will earn at least 1 point for each $1 spent. You will also recover your points for discounts at the Microsoft Store or use them to get free games, music, or movies. The more you use or purchase Microsoft items, take quizzes, rent videos, answer polls, and a whole bunch of other things, the more rewards you earn.

ill advise you to download something called the ‘Bing bar’ on your browser and input your search terms anytime you are looking for something. Please note that your Microsoft account must remain signed in when doing any task or using your computer so that you don’t lose points.

8. Honey

The Honey app is a browser extension that helps you to make money searching the internet. When you install the extension on your computers or mobile device, Honey will help you search for discounts whenever you wish to shop online.

Payment method: gift cards

Whenever you search for any deals, get the product, and try to purchase,  just click the Honey button on the checkout page. Honey will automatically “pay” you and lower your price if it finds any discounts.

9. Qmee

Qmee is an extension that works with Google Chrome and helps you make money searching the internet. The browser extension displays a small window on the corner of your sidebar when you do a Google, Amazon, or eBay search.

How much can you earn with Qmee?:

You can earn $2.58 per hour.

Payment method: Gift cards and Paypal

It is very easy to sign up and get started with Qmee, you just click on the sign-up button on their home page and give your details.

More again, You get paid per task or ad through your Paypal account and what I love most is that Qmee doesn’t have a minimum threshold for withdrawal, you can cash out even less than $1.

10. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a kind of freebie and fun website to make money searching the internet. It’s a very easy website that allows you to earn points and cash them out as cash. I also enjoy the website and cashed out $20 in three days.

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How much can you earn?:

You can make from $2.00 to $5.00 per hour.

Payment method: Giftcards, PayPal, and Bank Transfer.

It’s super easy to get started with Survey Junkie, the surveys are also easy I can recommend this website for those who want to make extra cash having fun because I’ve got an excellent experience with the app and website so far.

Also, when using survey junkie to do research, just know that you are sharing your browsing data with companies that use it for market research purposes, and your search results will be sent to your Survey Junkie account. But there is no risk here for they use your search results to provide more surveys for you.

11. Brave

Brave is a free browser that you can download and make money searching the internet or making your preferred browser. It is an open-source, and decentralized web browser built on the Ethereum blockchain where users can get paid in BAT (Brave tokens).

These tokens will be sent to your wallet monthly and then you can change them to the cryptocurrency of your preference! What I also love is that Brave is an ads-free browser.

How much can you earn with Brave browser?:

With the brave rewards, you can make $1 to $7.5 per month

Payment method: Preferred Crypto Wallet.

The way you make money with the brave browser is when you use it every time. When browsing, the browser sends you relevant ads that you click o and get paid. The ads are just a browser notification that you can click on. To make more money with brave, just download the brave browser on your phone too for it is a browser available for mobile and desktop.

To get started, download and install the app. After that, you just have to set up your ads configuration on brave rewards. The more ads you view, the faster your earnings so if you want the max quantity possible choose the 10 ads per hour option.


UpVoice is an app uniquely for the UK and US members, as it only accepts people from those countries. You can also make money searching the internet and using sites like Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.

How much can you earn:

You can earn $75 per year or $2 to $5 per day.

Payment methods: Through Paypal or Gift Cards

The UpVoice app also pays for taking surveys.

All you have to do is to sign up and get the chrome extension to start browsing and earning credits.

13. Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel

Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel is a reputable and well-known market research company that you get paid just for installing their browser extension. To earn money searching the internet you just have to:

  • Install the Nielsen browser extension
  • Search the web

How much can you earn with Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel?:

You can earn $50 per year

Payment method: Paypal or gift cards

You can also earn money by completing tasks like watching videos on the internet and playing games.

14. iRazoo

iRazoo is the last website on our list of the interesting ways to make money searching the internet. It is also a great website to earn money by taking surveys or even for watching videos!

How much can you earn:

You can earn $5 per 2 months.

Payment methods: PayPal and gift cards

On this website, you will earn points for any task or activity you do. You must have 3000 iRazoo points to cash out $5. Don’t be afraid to try iRazoo out because many people are getting rewards with iRazoo without investing anything.

Moreover, the company is reviewed on Trustpilot 4.3/5. To be honest with you, it will take you up to two months to get 3000 points on iRazoo and cash out $5. Don’t make it a priority, just do these tasks when you have free time.

FAQS on make money searching the internet

Is it true that one can get paid to search the internet?

Yeah, it is so true that you can get paid searching the web. Honestly, the websites we’ve listed on this post will earn you money to search the internet.

Can I make a living by searching the internet?

Well, it depends. But I will advise you not to just quit your job to make money searching the internet. This will only earn you some extra cash but never make you rich. Don’t depend on these websites to make a living, they are just websites that pay small money for coffee.

How can I get paid to search the web?

You can get paid for searching the web by doing different micro-tasks, such as:

  • Clicking on ads
  • Testing search engine results
  • Doing surveys
  • Watching videos
  • Sharing your data
  • Researching Testing websites…


We all sought money but the best way to make more money is to have skills that you can trade out. To be honest with you, you have to fight and work harder for passive income businesses that make you money when you sleep. It is not easy but if you want to make it happen, you can.

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