Who Is a Blogger? Top 4 Accurate Blogger Meaning That Will Blow Your Mind

Who Is a Blogger? Top 4 Accurate Blogger Meaning That Will Blow Your Mind

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Who is a blogger? Most people still get confused with this question of who a blogger is? A Blogger is a person who creates and writes content. They can be of any type of content creators, some Bloggers create videos and are considered V blogs, others take and share photos, and some write about their practical and theoretical experiences… A Blogger is someone that is busy 24/7, they are doing a business that consumes time.

Other definitions of Who is a blogger?

A Blogger is someone that creates and publishes ideas about anything(In a niche) with the purpose of educating, messaging, sharing gossip… Every blogger’s goal is to have an engaged audience that encourages them and adds more value to what they say or write. Yes, some bloggers even get donations from their fans or audience. They get rewarded by their action of blogging with almost any kind of gift, for example, someone sent me an email that she loves what I am doing and told me to send her my Bitcoin wallet, I was like, I send my Bitcoin address and she wired $200 to my Bitcoin Wallet. One other sent me an iPhone from the United States.

According to Vocabulary: “A blogger is someone who writes regularly for an online journal or website. A political blogger might provide weekly commentary on current events.”

A Blogger is someone who makes a living by creating valuable content for its users. For them,  Blogging is a business. What bloggers do is do research and create helpful content for people that search on search engines. More clearer, the content that search engines offer us is taken from bloggers.

When bloggers write helpful content, search engines robots index them and show them to people who type relevant things like that. So search engines make use of the content written by bloggers to satisfy their searchers or customers.

Bloggers, Webmasters, and Publishers are valuable to their society or environment as well as to the world as they make life easier by facilitating the availability of information. Bloggers are the sources of the information we get from search engines because, without them, it will be difficult or almost impossible for search engines to do a good job.

Let’s take Youtube or Google as a search engine for example, when you want to learn how to prepare a Full English breakfast, Bangers, and Mash, or do you love to learn about Cottage Pie? It will be difficult or impossible to get that information if a blogger or Author didn’t write about, it or publish a video about it on the web.

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A blogger can work anywhere in the world and most of them choose to work from home. They create and publish an informational website that allows them to publish content using their phones, Tablets, or Laptops as far as they have a data connection. These contents can be their experiences, observations, opinions, Imagination, Creation…

Since a blog website is personally operated, or operated by a group of people, it might require proof for people to trust the information they provide on their website and that’s why they link to other well-trusted sources. Sources like a website bigger and more trusted than theirs. They might be the websites they get the information from, one that says something similar to what they’ve said. And that should be a foundation of a good and trusted blog.

When a blogger has content on his or her website that someone links to, it means that he or she is doing a good job of providing the right information, or deserves to be trusted. When other website owner finds the information they are looking for on your website, they might send links to you. The links you receive as a Publisher, Blogger, or Webmaster, are a good sign of growth and will make search engines and people start noticing your work.

Be careful, any links you click on this website send you somewhere and that’s what I am talking about. Now, I will be honest with you that there are quality links and poisonous links as well. When you listen to links, don’t just be fooled, some links can harm or impact your website negatively depending on the source of the links.

All you have to do is to work hard and get quality links from more trusted websites, links come automatically.

However, it is also important to know that a blogger is not only a person that creates a website but someone who is devoted to sharing content on any kind of platform they get followers and engagement. So the context of blogger shouldn’t be only reflecting just creating a personal website but also creating a personal business profile on any social media like Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Tiktok, Youtube where you earn money sharing your ideas.

A blogger owns a website, platform, or personal social profile where they have freedom of speech. Most of them are just passionate about sharing their interest and experiences. So if you want to be a blogger, you must be creative and communicative.

What does a blogger do?

What every blogger do depends on the type of blog they are creating as well as their goal in life as a blogger. As a blogger, you might as well need to make money out of your work, that’s when your struggle comes in. A blogger creates content to entertain, educate or send value to a specific audience.

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There are many types of blogs but this is just a small list of them:

  • Personal Blogs
  • Food Blogs
  • Travel Blogs
  • News blog
  • Professional blogs or Lifestyle Blogs
  • Fashion Blogs…

When you want to make money out of your blog you might be:

  • Selling Products
  • Showing Display Ads
  • Doing affiliate marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social media marketing

Frequently asked Questions

What makes someone a blogger?

Someone can become a blogger by having this attitude of creating content consistently to fulfill goals like educating, encouraging, inspiring, challenging their audience.

Who is a blogger on social media?

A blogger can also have a social profile on any social networks to share their contents to their users. A blogger on social media is someone who creates content on social media to satisfy their followers on social networks.

How can a blogger make money?

When a blogger decides to make money with their blogs, They join affiliate networks, receive donations, recommend affiliate products and so on. With ad networks, they get paid when their followers click on ads on their website or by the ad impression.

Can I create a blog for free?

Yes, but you won't have full control on free websites. You can create and make money with free Platforms like Blogger, Google Sites, and WordPress.

Why is Blogger recommend for starting a free Blog?

Blogger is a free platform to start a blog because it is good for a beginner. It allows you to also monetize your free website with Google AdSense. Also, you also can publish up to 100 blogs per account and it is created by Google to help people share their ideas.

Who is a blogger for Facebook?

A blogger for Facebook is a person that creates contents on Facebook and earns a living through their work on Facebook. A Facebook blogger makes use of Facebook business tools to grow and understand their growth and customers. A Facebook blogger is also a social media blogger.

Who is a blogger on Youtube?

A blogger on Youtube is a video creator for the Youtube platform and publisher. They are people that create content and tutorials, they are also doing business and make money from Youtube.

Links to free blog platforms:


Blogging is an interesting job for anyone but requires efforts to overcome challenges. If you want to become a blogger, first decide what you will be blogging about and ask for advice or run online research to find out if your niche will be favorable, or worth going for. Starting a blog is easy but making money out of your blog is another different thing.

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